Seems like a decent deal on some kevlars and wheels……

So I was about to set up a time to go look at these when I realized he was in Ft. Collins. Being in the Springs, we didn’t feel the need to drive that far. The guy had someone lined up to come check out these tires and rims this morning and they no showed. He’s moving in a week and needs them gone, and is pretty desperate to sell. He dropped the price for me to $150 from $200. Anyway, I told him I’d put his ad up in here in case anyone might be interested. The wheels were on a 91 Wrangler (YJ? I don’t know my Jeeps all that well) so the lug pattern is 5 x 4.5 Four rims and tires with usable tread for $150? I was tempted to drive all the way up there anyway!!

He was very responsive to text, his number is in the reply button on the ad.

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