Expect to see Oceanco 85.5m Superyacht Sunrays in the Mediterranean this Summer

The exciting news comes from the global fleet, as Superyacht Sunrays joins the team of the most luxurious yachts heading to the Mediterranean this summer. This 85.5m beauty can take you on a luxury vacation of the lifetime.

Oceanco 85.5m superyacht Sunrays. Photo courtesy of Oceanco

Oceanco 85.5m superyacht Sunrays. Photo courtesy of Oceanco

Sunrays was built by one of the leading shipbuilders in the world Oceanco in 2010. Her teal coloured aluminium hull is a work of Bjorn Johansson Design. Designed by bespoke Terrance Disdale, the superyacht’s interior is incredibly luxurious. An extensive amount of work in collaboration with the owner was involved in the creation of this heavenly interior design. Her interior spaces are airy, with a full beam lounge and beautiful dining room featuring absolutely sophisticated styling.

In 2010 Sunrays received an award for the “Best Power Yacht over 65+m” at the ISS Design and Leadership Award.

Superyacht Sunrays. Main deck salon aft. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

Superyacht Sunrays. Main deck salon aft. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

This superyacht features many luxury amenities and is perfect for private yacht charters. Guests will enjoy the fully equipped gymnasium, spa saloon with two therapists, and three Jacuzzies.

Superyacht Sunrays. Main deck dining room. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

Superyacht Sunrays. Main deck dining room. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

There is a Spa pool on the bridge deck, as well as a bamboo finished lounge – this area is ideal for unwinding after a long day of sunbathing and water activities. Upon request, it can be transformed into a movie theatre arena. Semi-closed bar fully equipped with cooking facilities is located on the sun deck. There is spa area forward on the sun deck, while luxury sun beds are on the aft deck.

Superyacht Sunrays and her helicopter. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

Superyacht Sunrays and her helicopter. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

Oceanco 85.5m superyacht Sundays. Aft view.

Oceanco 85.5m superyacht Sundays. Aft view. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

Sunrays sleeps 12 guests overnight, assisted by a crew of 27. The upper deck master suite features a private terrace and an adjoining VIP suite with study. Two VIP rooms, two double cabins and two twin cabins and a beach suite double cabin are tastefully appointed and have en-suite facilities.

85.5m Sunrays. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

85.5m Sunrays. Photo courtesy of Oceanco.

Sunrays is powered by a pair of MTU engines, 4,680 hp each, and can reach a top speed of 20 kn.

For more information and images of superyacht Sunrays, please contact our friendly charter brokers.

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Indian Scout FTR750 Race Bike Available For Purchase

Indian Scout FTR750 Flat Track race bike: now for sale for a cool $50k.

Indian Scout FTR750 Flat Track race bike: now for sale for a cool $50k.

As if it wasn’t already clear enough that Indian is serious about its return to AMA American Flat Track racing, it has now announced that its new Scout FTR750 race bike will be made available for purchase to all flat track race teams, as well as to the general public. This is the same bike currently being run by Indian’s new “Wrecking Crew” in the American Flat Track series.

The FTR750 is powered by a purpose-built, 109-horsepower (claimed) 750cc V-twin encased within an ultra-light steel frame, with a large centrally located airbox and carbon fiber body. Its introduction breathes new life into the quintessentially American sport of flat track racing, as well as the age-old Indian-Harley rivalry.

The Scout FTR750 made its official debut during the 2016 season finale, when AMA flat track racing legend Joe Kopp raced it to a 7th place finish at the Santa Rosa Mile. For 2017, Indian Motorcycle Racing’s Allstate-sponsored “Wrecking Crew” team comprises three of the most successful and decorated flat track riders in the sport, including 2016 Grand National Champion Bryan Smith, 2013 Grand National Champion Brad Baker and three-time Grand National Champion Jared Mees. All three will be running the Scout FTR750 this season, and two of them (Baker and Mees) were poached from long-time flat track dominator Harley-Davidson at the end of the 2016 season.

As a true turn-key race bike, the FTR750 carries a price tag of $49,900. You don’t have to be a racer to buy one, either. Simply visit your nearest Indian Motorcycle dealer for more information. To find the nearest dealer, visit IndianMotorcycle.com. And let the racing (and rivalry) begin!

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Ferrari Illegally Resets Odometers, Lawsuit Alleges

Last August, Ferrari salesman Robert “Bud” Root filed a lawsuit against a former client, Steven McMillan, after Root claimed McMillan made comments which caused him to lose his job at Ferrari of Palm Beach in Florida. Root has since returned to his position, but not before alleging that McMillan had requested Ferrari to roll back the mileage showing on his LaFerrari’s odometer to zero, thereby increasing the car’s value and committing fraud. Furthermore, Root’s suit alleges this is a common practice among Ferrari’s more well-respected and well-connected clients and their new, digital odometer equipped cars.

From the suit: “It was eventually uncovered that the conduct … which resulted in [Root’s] firing and the public disgracing of [Root] was a false statement from [McMillan] that Plaintiff had been a knowing and intentional participant in an illegal scheme to alter an odometer in violation of state and federal law … ”

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta side profile

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta side profile


The suit further alleges, “In or about the summer of 2015, [Root] learned from another Ferrari Palm Beach employee that the manufacturer of Ferrari cars has a device which enables a Ferrari factory-trained mechanic to reset the odometer on certain Ferraris to zero. The existence of the device is almost completely unknown among the worldwide community of Ferrari “super-car” owners. The two-fold reason for this is clear. … A secret reset of an odometer by even a few hundred miles can enhance the value of a Ferrari by a seven-figure amount. Were it to become common knowledge that a device exists which can alter Ferrari odometers without detection, the huge Ferrari re-sale market would be thrown into turmoil, as true value of pre-owned Ferraris on which the reset device operates, would be called into question.”

Rolling back a vehicle’s odometer is a violation of state and federal laws. Root alleges that after informing McMillan of the supposed odometer “defeat device” so that McMillan would be cautious of used, low-mileage cars, McMillan instead used the information to make an “off-books cash payment to one of Ferrari of Palm Beach’s mechanics to use the reset device to reset the odometer on [McMillan’s] 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari to zero.”

The reference to this supposed “off-books cash payment” directed to an individual mechanic and not to Ferrari corporate would appear to not tie Ferrari to the scheme, even though the lawsuit alleges that only Ferrari-trained technicians know about the “defeat device” — implying that Ferrari shows them how to roll back odometers.

When reached for comment, a Ferrari representative stated, “We do not comment on litigation between a dealer and its employees. This litigation involves third parties with respect to Ferrari North America and the litigation does not involve Ferrari. Ferrari reserves the right to take all appropriate action against any party that has adversely affected its rights.”

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Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California – The Alan Ward Memorial Race

Most of the vintage race weekends that we attend are quite an occasion. The paddocks swarm with spectators and large car haulers line the numerous rows of work areas. The weekends feel surreal, with legendary drivers running in and out of the pits, piloting prototype cars that managed to escape an almost certain destiny in museums. However, this weekend was different. I set out early Saturday morning on unusually wet highways. The abnormal winter weather pushed another large storm through Southern California the night before, washing mudslides across my route up the 5 on my way out to the desert. Skepticism loomed as I slowly made my way through the storm’s wake, but I had heard rumblings of an Alfa Romeo gathering at the end of the rainbow, so I continued on.

alfa-romeo-garage first-alfa-romeo-gta-us

Fortunately, the terra wall that surrounds Los Angeles held the storm at bay, so the skies began to clear as I drove down the far side of the San Gabriel mountains and into the desert.  Willow Springs Raceway sits along a line of mountains, amidst old mining sites. The 600 acre property has earned itself California’s recognition as a historical site with racing history dating all the way back to 1953. The course, which has remained unchanged since it’s inception, has played a role in the stories of many racers, and it continues to offer a motorsport retreat to eager enthusiasts to this day. On this particular weekend, the run groups had been reserved for some of Italy’s finest. The Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California (AROSC) had made the trek out to Willow for a memorial race to honor Alan Ward, an AROSC member who shared a love for competition.

alfa-romeo-gtam-racecar- alfa-romeo-giulia-paddock alfa-romeo-race-track

Like any classic car club, the AROSC has its fair share of wine tours, dinners, and weekend cruises, but they are also insistent in carrying on the century-old tradition of racing Alfa Romeos. I arrived that morning to find a humble, quiet paddock. A few guys wrenched on their alfas between runs while a crowd gathered around the row of Giulias. Many of the racers had driven to the track in their entry vehicle while others towed them in on small trailers behind the family grocery getter. Aside from a group of track workers, the competitors had the paddock all to themselves. With the crackling sound of lap times being rattled off on an old loud speaker in the distance and the guttural cough of carburetors as the 2 Liters springing to life for the next run, the atmosphere took on the feel of decades past. I imagine this is the form that vintage sports car racing has existed in for years, with privateers setting out to simply enjoy their old race cars in between work weeks. Free of any extravagance and with humble means that one could relate to, the weekend felt relaxing and reinvigorating. As the racers took the grid, I wandered to the end of the straight to watch from the bleachers.

alfa-romeo-club-race alfa-romeo-4c alfa-romeo-gta-race-history

With the practice runs under their belt, it was time for the main attraction, a battle for bragging rights around one of the fastest tracks in the country. From the classic lines of a Giulietta to the modern curves of the brand’s new 4C, the group was a diverse collection of Alfa Romeo’s rich history in competition. At the front of the pack, the Rimicci brothers fought for first place around each turn. Having fun with a long standing sibling rivalry, clad in a matching yellow and red livery, the two were neck and neck, but Frabizio seemed to just have a little extra oomph in the straights that gave him a trophy that we’re sure he’ll playfully hold over his brother Anthony’s head until the next time they meet on the track. Just behind them, club members swapped positions with familiar competition, diving into the left turn that follows a long stint down the main straight. The course carried the cars up the hill before descending down, preparing them for another high-speed run past the timing tower. Before long, the crew had made the way around their last lap and as the checkered flag waved over a successful day at the track, the paddock turned to a gathering place for stories and competitive ribbing. Hand gestures illustrated the varying apex techniques between friends and talk continued around the cooling of open engine bays. The club had come together to celebrate the life of a fellow Alfa racer, and a day spent at wide open throttle amongst friends was the perfect tribute. I made my way home, inspired by the camaraderie and the relaxed nature of AROSC’s race events. With the first race of the season now under my belt, I’m already itching for more.

alfa-romeo-giulia-race alfa-romeo-willowsprings alfa-romeo anthony-rimicci-alfa-romeo alfa-romeo-giulia-track rimicci-alfa-romeo-racing alfa-romeo-gta-track-race rimicci-alfa-romeo-racing-giulia rimicci-alfa-romeo alfa-romeo-race-giulietta alfa-romeo-gta-racing-giulia alfa-romeo-vintage-racing Source: http://ift.tt/JkJfuR

DS 7 Crossback Revealed Ahead of Geneva Debut

DS, the premium division of the PSA Group, has revealed the DS 7 Crossback ahead of its official debut at the 2017 Geneva auto show. This is the brand’s first compact crossover vehicle and it will slot above the smaller DS 4 Crossback, which is essentially a more rugged version of the DS 4 hatchback but with slightly more ground clearance and body cladding. Unlike its smaller sibling, the DS 7 Crossback has more ground clearance and is taller and larger.

ds 7 crossback front

ds 7 crossback front

In celebration of the DS 7 Crossback’s launch, DS will offer a special-edition model called La Premiere, which features Nappa leather upholstery, 20-inch alloy wheels, DS monogram badging, a BRM watch, watch strap design accents on the seats, and La Premiere badges of the dashboard and floor mats. Gas and diesel engines will be offered in Europe and will be paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Both will also come with a stop/start system to save fuel. A suite of active safety and driver assistance features are also available such as adaptive cruise control, land positioning assist, night vision, and PSA’s Active Scan Suspension, which uses cameras to anticipate road imperfections. Orders for the DS 7 Crossback La Premiere can be made online via DS’ website.

Earlier this week, PSA announced that it will launch a car-sharing service in the U.S. called TravelCar, a collaboration with the France-based insurance company MAIF, as the first step in its “Push to Pass” strategy, which will eventually see the automaker reentering the U.S. market by 2026. PSA has also stated its intentions to bring its DS brand to the U.S., and with the launch of the DS 7 Crossback, it’s looking more likely that will happen.

Source: PSA Group

ds 7 crossback watch strap
ds 7 crossback watch strap 2
ds 7 crossback wheel
ds 7 crossback door panel
ds 7 crossback dash
ds 7 crossback watch

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Revealed

Featuring a new turbo engine and a more coupe-like profile, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

The automaker didn’t play it safe when designing the compact crossover. Up front, the Eclipse Cross looks like other Mitsubishi vehicles with a familiar grille and headlight design. But unlike its current stablemates, it features a steeply raked liftgate. A body-colored bar splits the rear window in two pieces and houses unique C-shaped lights.

The exterior styling and the name are clearly attempting to establish a connection with the old Eclipse coupe, but look inside the cabin, and you’ll notice a more modern design and new infotainment setup. Through the center touchscreen, drivers can operate music, Google Maps, Apple CarPlay, and other functions. The vehicle also receives a touchpad controller and a head-up display. Folding the seats should be made simpler thanks to a 60:40 setup and slide-and-recline adjustment.


Hopping on the turbo bandwagon, Mitsubishi has equipped the crossover with a new 1.5-liter turbo gas engine paired with a CVT. The model will also be available with a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine that is offered in combination with an eight-speed automatic transmission, although it’s unclear if this combination will come to the U.S. Power output is unknown, but we do know the model comes with standard all-wheel drive that incorporates active yaw control for enhanced stability.

The Eclipse Cross has a footprint similar to that of the Outlander Sport. It measures 173.4 inches in length and 71.06 inches in width, and has a 105.1 inch wheelbase.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will head to dealerships in Europe this fall before eventually making its way to North America and other regions. Pricing is forthcoming.




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New Renault Alpine A110 Production Car to Debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

A new version of the Renault Alpine A110 will break ground at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It looks nearly identical to the Alpine Vision concept we saw at last year’s Monte Carlo Rally.

The mid-engine coupe, which is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, recalls the Alpine A110 Berlinette that was built from the early 1960s to the late 1970s by the French company using Renault engines and parts.

“Its name is A110, reflecting the timeless principles of compact size, lightweight, and agility that made the success of the ‘Berlinette,” according to Alpine’s brief release statement.

Alpine A110 Teaser Side 1

Alpine A110 Teaser Side 1

Alpine’s A110 sports a full aluminum platform and upper body for optimum weight saving and agility we are also told.

The new Alpine recalls the thin hood ridgeline and quad headlights of the original. Also recognizable to fans of the rally racer is the L-shaped line that runs along the door to the rear wheel.

Alpine has been taking $2,000 deposits for the “Premiere Edition” of 1,955 vehicles for several months now. The retro styled car is available in blue, white, and black; Alpine claims the car can hit 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds. It sells for about $62,000, depending on recent currency rates.

Alpine is expected to start deliveries of the A110 toward the end of the year in continental Europe, then Japan and the U.K. in 2018. Alpine says it will be available in 13 countries, but there are no plans to bring it to the U.S. at this time.

More details about the two-seater will be revealed on March 7 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Alpine A110 Teaser 1
Alpine A110 Teaser Side 1
Alpine Renault A110 50 Concept front view
1976 Alpine A110 13001
alpine celebration concept 01
1971 Renault Alpine A110 1600S Petrolicious side profile 01
1971 Renault Alpine A110 1600S Petrolicious front three quarter 03
1971 Renault Alpine A110 1600S Petrolicious front view

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New Volvo XC60 Will Steer You Away From Potential Accidents

Not only will the Volvo XC60 undergo a complete design overhaul in the coming weeks, but it will also usher in new safety features for the brand. The compact crossover will receive three new driver assistance features aimed at steering drivers away from potential accidents.

First off, Volvo has enhanced its City Safety system to include steering assistance, a new feature that engages in situations when automatic braking alone isn’t enough to stop a potential collision. The system helps steer the car away from an obstacle ahead at speeds between 31 and 62 mph. Another new feature is Oncoming Lane Mitigation, which helps drivers avoid head-on collisions at speeds between 37 and 87 mph.

Volvo XC60 Blind Spot Information System with Steer Assist

Volvo XC60 Blind Spot Information System with Steer Assist

Volvo is also introducing a feature that helps drivers avoid collisions with vehicles in a blind spot. With Volvo’s updated Blind Spot Information System, the XC60 can nudge itself back into the proper lane to avoid a collision with a vehicle the driver may not see.

By introducing these new features, Volvo is slowly moving toward its goal of ending all deaths and serious injuries in its new vehicles by 2020. Autonomous cars are a big part of the plan, and the automaker is already testing self-driving vehicles on public roads in different cities across the world.

Volvo XC60 grille teaser

Volvo XC60 grille teaser

The Volvo XC60 will make its official debut on March 7 at the Geneva Motor Show. Although we haven’t seen the compact crossover in full yet, Volvo has teased pictures of its unique headlights and taillights. The XC60 will sit on a shortened version of the SPA platform that underpins the S90 and XC90. Like these vehicles, the XC60 will also feature a host of other advanced safety systems, including Large Animal Detection, Run-off Road Mitigation, and the semi-autonomous driving feature Volvo calls Pilot Assist.

Source: Volvo

Volvo Oncoming Lane Mitigation 1
Volvo XC60 Teaser from Volvo
Volvo XC60 teaser 02
Volvo XC60 teaser

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Oceanco unveiled the 120m “Resort” Yacht AMARA at the DIBS 2017

The Dubai International Boat Show has just begun, and we are already receiving some exciting news from the event. The first shipbuilder to announce a new design concept was Oceanco in collaboration with designer Sam Sorgiovanni, with their new 120m “Resort” yacht AMARA.

Amara_Oceanco and Sam Sorgiovanni

120m Amara. Oceanco and Sam Sorgiovanni

The new superyacht concept was designed to cater for extended families and friends. Luxury living and entertainment facilities onboard are provided for a total number of 20 guests. Interior styling offers an inviting atmosphere, as well as the use of natural timber, stones, opulent carpets and fabrics in Amara’s contemporary styling, which provides a feel of a natural ambience.

“In designing the exterior lines of Amara, I wanted to portray a very strong and muscular form that was progressive in design but with a timeless appeal”, says Sorgiovanni.

The main characteristic of Amara’s interior and exterior design is a holistic feeling of a comfortable and well-appointed resort.

A large beach club resort offers 3-way access to the sea: port, starboard and aft. The luxurious wellness centre is also located on the lower deck, which includes banya, hammam, beauty treatment lounge and cinema with a capacity of 16 people. Another cinema theatre is on the sun deck and has a quixotic cabana style.

One of the most impressive features includes the waterfall that cascades from the upper deck down into the main deck swimming pool. The main deck is a centre of entertainment and parties. It features a pool bar, open balconies and large entertainment areas.

The owner’s apartment is located on the upper deck and benefits from a private plunge pool and outdoor aft deck dining area for more than 20 people.

Water slides and climbing walls are among a large variety of water toys offered onboard.

Oceanco’s vision of innovative yacht design has been incorporated in Amara. This innovative and stunning superyacht can take her guests to the finest yachting destinations in complete comfort, luxury and tranquillity.

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Should Cyclists Fuel With Candy?

Following his win at Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne this past weekend, current Road World Champion Peter Sagan stuffed handfuls of Haribo gummy bears into his mouth. (See all the hilarious Sagan moments from the weekend here.) The GIF of that moment is absolutely delightful

… but it also got us wondering: How effective is candy as part of a cyclist’s diet, as opposed to performance gels, gummies, and bars marketed towards athletes?

“The idea behind straight sugar-type candy (e.g. Swedish Fish, gummy bears, SweeTarts) is to rapidly bring up your blood sugar without causing GI issues,” says Stacy Sims, an environmental exercise physiologist, nutrition scientist, and coauthor of ROAR, a guide to female athletic performance and nutrition. In Sagan’s case, candy like gummy bears—a high-glycemic index carb that’s digested quickly—are a great way to immediately replenish depleted glycogen stores as part of his recovery from a grueling, 124.7-mile effort. 

How long does it take to burn off candy on a ride? We investigated:

During a ride or race, though, you wouldn’t want to fully rely on candy as your fuel source, Sims cautions; you still want “real fuel” as a nutritional base—especially during long rides. However, you can top off your glycogen stores with candy if you feel your energy levels dropping, or if you need a boost to keep up with powerful surges, particularly in the last hour of a three-plus hour effort. 

     RELATED: 9 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Adam Myerson, a former pro cyclist and current head coach at Cycle-Smart, says there are two situations in which candy can come in handy. 

“During rides or races, large-size Swedish fish are my preferred and recommended candy of choice,” Myerson says, though gummy bears are an easy substitute. “They’re easy to carry in a pocket with the top snipped open, and easy to eat.” Myerson recommends buying Swedish fish in the King Size bag because the candies are bigger, and thus easier to fish out of your back pocket on a ride. (Just make sure you keep only water or a light electrolyte mix in your bottle to fend off carb overload-related stomach upset.) 

The second scenario involves the classic “Snickers and Coke” convenience-store stop halfway through a six-plus-hour ride—or when you’re totally bonking.

“Snickers in particular has a great mix of sugar and fat, with a little bit of protein from the peanuts,” Myerson says, which makes it an ideal mid-ride food. But since chocolate is apt to melt into a gooey mess in your pocket, this option is best reserved as a mid-ride pit stop purchase unless you freeze your candy bar beforehand. 

Besides helping you make those last few pedal strokes home after a long day in the saddle, a pocketful of candy can fuel one other important ride component: camaraderie. 

“When you’re a couple hours into a race [or ride]…you will be the most popular rider when you start pulling Swedish Fish out of your pocket and sharing them with friends,” Myerson says. 

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