Jannarelly Offers New Removable Hard-Top for Wild Design-1 Roadster

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Jannarelly, a startup that made headlines in late 2015 when it revealed the curvaceous Design-1 roadster, but the startup appears to be busy working toward reaching full-scale production and has given us a peek at what the Design-1’s removable hard top looks like in a set of new renderings.

On paper, the Design-1 ticks all the correct boxes, pulling visual inspiration from all-time greats like the Ferrari 250 Testarossa, Aston Martin DBR1, and Caterham 7. Underneath the body beats a Nissan-sourced V-6, which sends power to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.

According to Jannarelly, 30 orders for the roadster have already been placed and the small automaker is in the process of ramping-up production to meet demand. It’s a hardcore car that might not suit the needs of many drivers but Jannarelly is making it easier to live with via a new removable hard top and windshield. According to the automaker, this is the first accessory offered for the Design-1.

In the renderings, the hard top and windshield appear as one piece, leaving the driver completely exposed to the environment when removed. The hardtop apparently swings forward on an integrated hinge, making ingress and egress much easier than having to remove the hard top every time you climbed in the car.

Head over to Jannarelly’s Facebook page to check out more images of the new hardtop for the Design-1.

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