Nissan’s Midnight Edition Package Is Plain Silly and Shows Why Marketing Sucks

I’ll be honest here, Nissan is among my favorite car brands nowadays. The Japanese firm has a solid lineup, an attractive design language, reliable drivetrains, and offers great value for the buck in just about any segment. But this new Midnight Edition package introduced in the U.S. is a silly attempt to improve sales and proves once again that there’s a thin line between tasteful and ridiculous when it comes to marketing.

Needless to say, the Midnight Edition was a big success on the Maxima SR, accounting for 85 percent of sales, since its introduction in 2016. For this reason alone I can fully understand why Nissan is expanding the bundle to Sentra, Altima, Rogue, Murano, and Pathfinder. However, a quick look at the Sentra Midnight Edition promo (hit "play") shows why this package isn’t anything to get excited about.

Yup, black wheels, black mirror caps, a black rear bumper insert, and "Midnight Edition" floor mats and that’s it. Seriously now, does anyone care about the lettering on their floor mats?

I’m going to be fair here and mention that other models also get features like LED headlamps, remote engine start, roof rails, and illuminated kick plates (not all at once of course) and that pricing doesn’t exceed $1,195 in its most expensive configuration, but calling it an "Edition" is still too much. Special editions are supposed to be special, and a few black body parts don’t cut the mustard if you ask me. At least Chevy’s Redline bundle, also introduced at the Chicago Auto Show, has a few unique elements and not just body parts of different colors.

But hey, it seems that marketing departments work just like tabloids nowadays. All show and no go if you will, with "show" being the bad habit of calling every little option added an "Edition." And I say "departments" because Nissan isn’t the only automaker in this.

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