Nissan’s Rolling Out The Goods With Its New Midnight Edition Package

In a day and age where add-on packages and accessories have become commonplace in the auto industry, Nissan is doing its part to ensure that its customers are taken cared of in that regard. The Japanese automaker unveiled its Midnight Edition package last year on the Maxima sedan and after incessant public demand. In fact, 85 percent of Maxima SR sales come with the Midnight Edition package. Nissan is now expanding the availability of the package to six of its current models, including the Maxima.

Together with Nissan’s full-sized sedan, the Midnight Edition package is now available on the Altima, Murano, Pathfinder, Rogue, and Sentra.

Naturally, the specific changes vary depending on the model. The Sentra, for example, gets a set of 17-inch wheels as opposed to the Pathfinder, which finds itself on the receiving end of a bigger set of 20-inch wheels. But by and large, the blacked-out theme of the package remains consistent across all models.

Prices also vary depending on which model is getting the package, although for the most part, Nissan’s keeping the extra costs relatively affordable as the most expensive versions of the package. The ones for the Altima, Murano, and Pathfinder all cost $1,195. The expanded Midnight Edition package is making its debut at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. And with the exception of the Rogue Midnight Edition, all other editions are already on sale. The package for the Rogue will be available beginning in March 2017.

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