TRD Sport Package Brings Added Styling and Handling Upgrades to 2018 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia

Toyota joins every other automaker in the known universe by launching special edition versions of the full-size Tundra pickup and Sequoia SUV. It’s called the TRD Sport and it brings new grille treatments, upgraded headlights, black wheels, and a TRD on-road handling package, among other small changes. What’s more, the Sequoia is finally getting an updated gauge cluster that replaces the archaic piece that’s been present since 2008. Both vehicles are also getting Toyota’s full suite of active safety systems, which rounds out nearly all of Toyota’s lineup with TSS-P coming as standard equipment.

The new TRD Sport trim alights with the existing Tacoma TRD Sport, which is a street-biased package that compliments the TRD Off-Road package and hard-core TRD Pro package on that Tacoma. Unfortunately, Toyota has not released a TRD Off-Road or TRD Pro version of the Sequoia. Then again, the TRD Sport package is the first major upgrade in the current-generation Sequoia’s decade-long life, so it’s not surprising Toyota isn’t showing it a ton of love.

Beyond the suspension upgrade brought by the TRD Sport package, no mechanical changes are found for either the Tundra or Sequoia. Both still use the 5.7-liter i-Force V-8 with 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque, which mates to a six-speed automatic transmission. And as before, both Tundra and Sequoia can be had in RWD or 4WD, including TRD Sport models.

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