Baikal Yachts Presented the Innovative 36m Trimaran Baikal 36 SMT for Divers

Baikal Yachts unveiled the new 36-metre superyacht concept, Trimaran Baikal 36 SMT. This time, this is an innovative trimaran, designed specifically for professional diving centres, yacht charters or for a private use by diving enthusiasts in various locations worldwide. The concept was developed by Sergey Gmyra in collaboration with Maksim Lodkin. Baikal 36 SMT provides outstanding safety, comfortable cruising experience and great performance. 

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT

Equipped with innovative technology, trimaran Baikal has some excellent features, which include low fuel consumption, at anchor and underway stabilisers and solar panels. The shipyard took into consideration feedback from the experienced drivers to incorporate crucial characteristic into the design of the new yacht. Baikal 36 SMT hosts all cabins on the same level. Easy access to the water is offered at the stern, which also has a medical station and a technical cabin.

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT - rendering

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT – rendering

Both cockpit and crinoline are well-prepared areas for diving and escape from the water. There are rails installed along the perimeter and between gaps. Divers can comfortably put equipment and flippers on and off. The crinoline is also equipped with a big platform with installed safety racks. Along edges of the central platform, there are hydraulic ladders that emerge into the water to a sufficient depth that allows effortlessly return to the vessel.

To provide comfortable leisure for divers on the boat all technical support amenities and compressors are located in auxiliary hulls that allow to take compressors’ noise away from cabins and avoid air pollution. At anchor, the trimaran uses only electric motors, which reduces noise and do not generate exhaust gases. A battery bank charges from solar collecting panels and ensures an operation of electric motors and all systems. They are located on a roof of the flybridge of main vessel and hull surface of auxiliary vessels. The main advantage of such systems is a possibility to save diesel oil and protect the environment.

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT - rendering - side view

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT – rendering – side view

Trimaran Baikal SMT 36 provides accommodation for a total of 20 guests and 13 crew members. The salon is placed on the main deck and includes a relaxation area, library, bar and a cockpit.

The flybridge is an ideal entertainment space, as it has plush sofas, a bar and a grill. The diving centre is fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment allowing to track all divers in water using sensors. This allows tracking divers’ location, measure a submersion level, distance to the vessel and an approximate air reserve.

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT - rendering - top view

Baikal Trimaran 36 SMT – rendering – top view

Powered by four diesel engines, trimaran Baikal 36 SMT has a top speed of 18 knots per hours, and cruises comfortably at a speed of 10 knots.


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