Made-In-India Jeep Compass Leaves For Australia And Japan

Jeep Compass

The first lot of the made-in-India has set its course for the international markets. Back in April, while unveiling the Compass, FCA had announced that India would be the only country in the world to manufacture the right-hand-drive variants of the SUV for relevant markets. The Compass will witness increasing exports shortly as FCA ramps up the production of the SUV to meet domestic and global demand.

Jeep Compass Interior

Thanks to Jeep’s luxury and off-road roots, the Compass was able to instantly book a space in the hearts and minds of its potential customers. What sealed the deal, though, was its tempting price tag ranging from Rs 15.16 lakh to Rs 21.37 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). While it skimps on a few features we’ve come to expect at this price point, the Jeep Compass more than makes up for its shortcomings by being the only luxury offering you can buy for less than Rs 20 lakh. FCA India says that a high level of localisation at 65 per cent allowed it to aggressively price the SUV.

Jeep Compass

According to FCA officials, the production is scaling up as planned and so is the number of sales and service outlets. The American carmaker had promised to have 60 dealerships across India by the end of 2017 and is closing in on the target as it recently added five more outlets, bringing the total count to 55. FCA also said that the bookings and enquiries for the diesel variants drastically have increased since the manufacturer announced the pricing for the Jeep Compass. Deliveries of the more affordable petrol-powered variants have recently begun, which should boost October’s production numbers for the American brand.


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