Thrustmaster announce new firmware update

It is a busy time for new racing releases and along with the growth of the racing genre we’ve seen a rapid expansion in the wheel market. This year’s Thrustmaster wheels are easily their best ever with solid construction and force feedback.
So, in terms of wheel preservation it is important to keep your wheel regularly updated, and as a word of warning, not always running your FFB at max resistance for longer runs. Works for me, should work for you.
If you’ve not updated before, follow the instructions on the Thrustmaster website, if you have any problems, contact their support. Note that in the image below, it should tell you which Firmware you are running in the device manager screen. Details on the new updates below:
New PC driver package
Reminder: a new firmware is now available for the following wheels:
– T-GT Racing Wheel: Firmware V3 (for the base)
– T500 RS: Firmware V46
– T300 RS: Firmware V27
We highly recommend that you update your wheel bases with the new firmware.
Changes made in the new firmware: Added support for new detachable wheels.
To install the new firmware:
– Download and install the new driver package [Package 2017_TTRS_6] on PC:
– Launch “firmware update”.
– Follow the steps.

If you haven’t seen the new Thrustmaster wheels, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on the Team VVV Youtube channel, seen here testing the TS-XW Wheel on WRC 7.


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