Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Yamaha Unveils A Pickup That Can Carry Motorcycles

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show has brought us a lot of surprises and following that trend, has unveiled its new pickup truck concept, the Yamaha Cross Hub. At first glance, the truck doesn’t look very imposing, especially when compared to other pickups. The Cross Hub is designed to serve the purpose of a pickup as well as an SUV. Earlier, the company had introduced two concepts, the 2013 Motiv and 2015 Sports Ride.

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Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

Yamaha’s Cross Hub is first of the three concept cars to have come without any design inputs from noted designer Gordon Murray, who is best known for his involvement with the McLaren F1.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

At 4495.8mm long, 1955.8mm wide and 1752.6mm tall, the Cross Hub can fit four adults easily, thanks to its diamond-shaped seating arrangement. The driver seat is placed right in the middle, flanked by three passenger seats around it. If you’re not expecting any company, you can roll down the bed of the Cross Hub to fit two motorcycles

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

According to Yamaha, the vehicle is aimed at "connecting the active and urban in the lifestyles of Yamaha enthusiasts".

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t disclosed any performance related figures of the Cross Hub. And with the concept’s extremely hypothetical nature, it seems very unlikely to ever go into production.


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