Black Friday is Here!

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Jeepers! Today’s the day for sleeping in and bingeing on as much food as your stomach can handle (and rest assured we’ll be doing the same). We hope you’ll be enjoying the day and the time with your families. We at ExtremeTerrain are starting off the celebration by showing our gratitude to all of our visitors. Check out the deals we have in store for you all.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Promo

60% Off Select Wrangler Parts

You read that correctly; we’re offering up to 60% off of the more popular Wrangler parts. Bumpers, armor, side steps & some off-roading parts, wheels & tires, and lift kits. If you’ve been saving to overhaul your rig and turn it into an even more capable off-roading machine, now’s the time to capitalize on the more costly pieces of such a build.

If you’re Wrangler is already decked out or if you’re looking at a smaller budget, we’ve singled out mods that are under $100. This way you can avoid getting in trouble with your spouse and still treat yourself to an early Christmas present.

Black Friday Coupon Code

There are some parts that aren’t part of the 60% sale. For those, we present you with this coupon code: BF2017. This code is good for purchases over $250, and with it you’ll get $30 off. This code is only valid on Black Friday proper (Nov. 24th). If you’re wondering what’s applicable under the coupon, click the banner below.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Coupon Code

Note: On Cyber Monday (Nov. 27th) the code will change to CM2017.

JL Wrangler Giveaway Winners

Is the excitement keeping you awake at night? We don’t blame you! Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the finalists for our double vision 2018 Wrangler giveaway. The first finalist will be announced at 10:00 AM (EST), and we’ll continue announcing finalists every two hours over the course of the day. Check back for your name by clicking the banner below.

2018 JL Wrangler Giveaway


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