Featured Series and Featured Time Attack Winners

Last season we had several featured series and featured Time Attacks with prizes for winners and some random participants. iRacing members earned more than $6,000 in cash and credits. We are excited to announce all of the winners.

The Time Attacks were especially close with Maximilian Benecke edging Sebastian Job in the Ferrari 488 GTE by just 0.139 seconds.  Cody Byus bested Justin Bolton by 0.174 in the Xfinity Series TA and Rickey J Sanders beat Alex A Bergeron by a mere 0.006 seconds. All three winners earned $1,000 cash with credits being awarded to second and third place as well. Three luck participants in each Featured TA also will receive 100 credits.

In the featured series we saw over 1,000 drivers compete in the Super Late Model series and more than 2,700 drivers in the Grand Touring Cup. iRacing credits were awarded to the top three finishers in each series & class.

Time Attack Featured Series Winners

Ferrari GTE

1st Place – $1,000 Cash – Maximilian Benecke

2nd Place – 500 iRacing Credits – Sebastian Job

3rd Place – 250 iRacing Credits – Matt Smith Andreou

Random Participants – 100 iRacing credits each – Kevin Fortmann, Emmanuel Galinier & Frédéric Augé

Xfinity Cars 

1st Place – $1,000 Cash – Cody Byus

2nd Place – 500 iRacing Credits – Justin Bolton

3rd Place – 250 iRacing Credits – Logan Clampitt

Random Participants – 100 iRacing credits each – Tom Moustakas, Nate Martin , Matthew Caldwell3

410 Sprint Car

1st Place – $1,000 Cash – Rickey J Sanders

2nd Place – 500 iRacing Credits – Alex Bergeron

3rd Place – 250 iRacing Credits – Lewis Hewett

Random Participants – 100 iRacing credits each – Nelson Webster, Brett Wheeler, Kevin Wilmen2


Featured Series Winners

NASCAR iRacing Super Late Model Series

1st Place – 25 Credits – Kyle Souza

2nd Place – 15 Credits – Ryan Doucette

3rd Place – 10 Credits – Brian Burleson

iRacing Grand Touring Cup

1st Place – 25 Credits Solstice-Gerardo Babio Ramos, Jetta Sven Plutta, Mustang-DaveGelink

2nd Place – 15 Credits – Solstice-Benn Snell, Jetta-Grant Bray, Mustang-Patrik Flis

3rd Place – 10 Credits – Solstice-Frank Giesler, Jetta-Jackson Freer, Mustang-Kevin C Ford


Source: http://www.iracing.com

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