Just Breezing Through

Sorry I’m late!  What a morning!  First I had to drop off urine at the doctor’s office, then I had to pick up a receptacle for my compost (yes, New York City is composting now, eat that Portland), and by the time I was done I hardly had any time left to fork off for a ride.

But I did anyway:

While I usually head north and beyond the city limits today I felt like a plainclothes, flat-pedal spin through the Bronx, so that’s what I did.  Pictured above is the bike repair stand on the Randall’s Island Connector, and next time someone sends me a bike to test I’m totally bringing it here to assemble.  As for how I’ll get it there, maybe I’ll finally get myself a trailer.  Then I’ll get a kayak and start boating on the Bronx River.
Now that’s the life.
Anyway, with like half the day gone now I won’t keep you, but I would like to share this:
At one point in the video, an officer on a bicycle comes close to an ATV and jumps off as he tries to reach for the rider, but he misses and falls to the ground. A police cruiser following him and the ATV stops. D.C. police said the officer on the bike suffered minor injuries.
I’d also like to point out that as the officer leaps from his bike his helmet appears to fall of his head:
And then he appears to trip over it:
Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what happened, but it kind of looks like it.
So while we can debate the importance of helmets all day long, I think we can all agree that wearing an unfastened one is worse than not wearing one at all.
See you tomorrow.

Source: http://ift.tt/q7bKse

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