♩ ♪ ♫ ♬Come On With The Rain I’ve An Umbrella On My Bike♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

The search for a way to protect cyclists from the elements is as old as the bicycle itself:

And while we still haven’t found the perfect solution:

We are certainly living in a golden age of precipitation-repelling technology.  Given this, in the interest of preserving this water-averse watershed for posterity, I have undertaken a brief survey of some of the more innovative products currently available–products such as the LeafXPro:


With features this handy and smart optional storm accessory that makes you look like you’re riding around in a sling:

Then there’s the Nubrella, which you can incorporate into any activity, not just cycling:

Nubrella Hands Free Weather Protection from Christina Ricci on Vimeo.

And yeah, it’s basically just a giant hat:

Albeit one that looks like some kind of robotic space nautilus is eating your head, but yes, still just a hat:

Indeed, it’s enough of a hat that if the tax on umbrellas was 50% and the tax on hats was 5% you could totally make a compelling argument to the IRS that you only have to pay the latter.

Of course you may be wondering why anybody would bother with any of this stuff instead of, say, wearing a raincoat, but why do that when you can wear an umbrella?

As seen on Philadelphia local news:

If nothing else, the Under-Cover undermines pretty much every stereotype about German engineering.

By the way, I tried to find the Under-Cover on Kickstarter, but all I saw was this changing kilt for prudish bros:

Frankly I think it works better as a garment:

And if nothing else that entire video is just an advertisement for the importance of riding in regular clothes.

Anyway, amid all this innovation you’ve got to appreciate the unapologetically poor design of the Uberhood, which I’ve featured before on this blog:

I should really get one of these for my Jones bars.

Speaking of products I’ve been trying, remember the Renovo?

And remember how I said I’d conduct a thorough investigation into why it’s creaking?

Well, it’s a long story, but the sort version is that instead Renovo are going to take the bike back and figure it out for me.  Then once they have I’ll report back and let you know.  In the meantime I’ll refrain from speculating as to the cause, and for the time being consider the test on hold.

At this point I’d like to point out that by the time my environmentally sustainable wooden bicycle is done flying back and forth across the country it will have the carbon footprint of a herd of yetis.

(And that’s not even accounting for all the crabon fiber on the bike.)

As for the Jones bars:

I continue to love them, and even though I think my position’s working well as is I’m still going to try a shorter stem in deference to their philosophy.  Hey, maybe they’ll feel even better that way, who knows?  I’m nothing if not open minded.

And there you have it.

Source: http://ift.tt/q7bKse

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