4 Steps to Fixing Tight Muscles​​

Got muscles? Eventually a few of them are going to feel tight. And when they do, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? Stretch them, of course, right? Maybe. But ask yourself. Did it really help? Oftentimes the answer is no. Sometimes the answer is now they feel even worse. That’s because a “tight” muscle is not always what it appears to be and stretching is rarely the only solution.

“What people commonly feel as ‘tight’ muscles are muscles that have knots or adhesions, otherwise known as trigger points,” says physical therapist Tom Biggart, CSCS, CISSN, co-owner of EBM Fitness Solutions in Danvers, Massachusetts. “Though it’s not exactly the same, if you imagine your muscle like a rope and you put a knot in it, the muscle will actually stretch, but it will feel tight because the ends are fixed.” Stretching that muscle may only make the knot—and the feeling of tension—stronger.

Here’s what to do instead:

four steps to fixing tight muscles

four steps to fixing tight muscles

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