Buckle Up Folks: The New Toyota Supra Is Coming to Geneva, And It’s Hot!

It’s been just a few days since a forum leak gave us new information about the upcoming Toyota Supra, and the Japanese firm released the first official teaser picture of the car. And although it doesn’t unveil too many details, the photo suggests that the next-gen Supra will be a hot coupe. Also, it turns out that the recent spy shots are pretty accurate, as the vehicle features a double bubble roof, a sloping rear window, a swept-up trunk lid, and a massive wing an top. And just look at those rear haunches. Now that’s one sexy coupe!

"Toyota has yet to confirm the Supra name, so it’s possible that this coupe will sport a different nameplate."

We know quite a few things about the new Supra, including that it will share underpinnings and even drivetrains with the upcoming BMW Z4. The engine lineup will include both four- and six-cylinder engines, with the range-topping model to deliver 335 horsepower. The car was developed with help from Toyota’s motorsport division, Gazoo Racing, and word has it the trim levels will include the initials "G" and "R." For example, the base model will be called the GR, while the range-topping model will have the "GRMN" badge, like the latest Yaris.

On the other hand, Toyota has yet to confirm the Supra name, so it’s possible that this coupe will sport a different nameplate. It would be a shame to not take advantage of this iconic badge, but we have to wait for information on that. The car will make its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show next month so make sure you stick around for updates. More teasers and leaked details are likely underway.


Toyota Supra

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