Woman Wanted to Co-Pilot Jeep Custom Tire Cover Goes Viral

We make Custom Tire Covers for your Jeep. We make a LOT of them. But on December 12, 2017 we made a post on our All Things Jeep Facebook page that showed a custom tire cover the we definitely did NOT make. Here’s the photo we posted. 

Seeking semi-rugged woman to co-pilot Jeep.jpg

And here’s what we wrote: "Truth be told, we didn’t make this custom tire cover for this guy. (But we applaud his initiative and would love to know the outcome.) But we DO make custom tire covers so if you have your own photo or story you want the world to see on the back of your Jeep, we can do it for you. 
Details here: http://ift.tt/2lZYy2H"

A week or two later we got an email from a gentleman named Greg. This was Greg’s Jeep and Greg’s ingenious strategy to acquire a girlfriend. We traded emails a bit and we asked him if we could post his story. He agreed and here it is. We love his creativity! 

Greg wrote,

"Hi Jean,

Here’s the story!

So I was single and trying to figure out how to meet women without having to resort to internet dating.  I’m not into sports due to life long knee issues, and not a bar fly.  

I thought a guy in his Late 40’s should be able to find a woman without involving the world wide web.

Late March 2016 I was stopped at an intersection behind a fellow Jeep Wrangler.  It had a tire cover that read "Life is good".  It was at that moment, those short few minutes would change my life for ever!

In those short few minutes I put together a few key words.

Words like "rugged" and "middle aged"  and "co-pilot".

I thought about my brilliant scheme for about a week.

So many factors…

I needed a canvas.

I’d have to use my phone number. 

My sense of humour pushed me forward, as I never leave home without it!

I figured I could use a "flying saucer" type toboggan.  Its a round sled, it has handles and would be easy to bungy cord to my spare tire.  I could then write my message on it with a permanent marker.  

The winter season was coming to a close and I needed to act fast.  I  had  two options… $5 or $30. The five dollar model didn’t seem big enough and I didn’t want to spend thirty bucks.  In the end I decided that my brilliant scheme was worth the thirty dollars, and I had my canvas.

The wording had to be catchy!

I wanted to use the word "RUGGED" and "middle aged" and "seeking".  I needed my message to be clear.  I only had so much space to work with.

I looked up the dictionary definition of rugged, it’s NOT good.  Lol😃  

That’s how "semi-rugged" came to be.  "Middle aged" took up too much space,  that’s how 

"Mid-aged" came to be.  

I needed to specify gender, "female" would be just fine.

Sign development was under way.   I had a friend draw up the first sign (the one you posted on Facebook).  

It read :


I put the sign on my jeep and the reaction from other motorists was astounding.

Almost every time I looked in the rear view, the people behind me were taking pictures.  They were honking, waving, laughing, giving me the thumbs up etc.

What a riot!

About three days in, my phone rang, I said hello and this guy said "Hey, I’m calling you from Wisconsin and just so you know, your phone number is plastered all over the internet",

to which I responded "holy s**t"!  

Someone had taken a pic in Kingston, Ontario where I lived at the time and posted it on Facebook.  I wasn’t even on Facebook at that time, but my friends and family were.  The crazy sign (brilliant idea) went viral with 15 000 ish views.  I received over 100 texts mostly people just checking to see if it was real.  99.9% of the texts were from the USA.  

One day I walked past the sign and brushed it with me sleeve.

Some of the permanent marker rubbed off.  It was at that moment I realized I had created a "white board" sign for my jeep.  Again I was basking in my brilliance…

I decided to change it up!

"SEEKING SEMI-RUGGED MID-AGED FEMALE tocopilotjeep@gmail.com

seeking tire cover.jpg

Yes it’s real, LMAO😃😃😃

The texts were still pouring in.

I only received one email, not compatible.  She wanted a running partner.  With bad knees and a jeep, I’m not running five feet!

The first sign was on for about ten days.  Number two, about a week.  Then there was number three.   I figured I needed to "Dumb it down for CANADA", 

so I changed it up:

"WOMAN WANTED TO CO-PILOT JEEP"  with my number.

seeking tire cover2.jpg

Number three was on roughly ten days.  I was changing it up again and decided to give it a rest.  Every now and then I’m reminded that its still out there because someone posts it again and the messages start flowing in.

To make a really long story end,

I’ve made many many friends because of the sign…

Mostly American Lol!

What changed my life for ever are the friendships I’ve gained.

99.9% of them have their own jeep and have no desire to co-pilot.  My friend Terri (American), saw your post and contacted me.

In the end I found my SEMI-RUGGED MID-AGED FEMALE TO CO-PILOT JEEP and my life through internet dating…



Greg, we really love your story and appreciate you taking the time to write it. Best of luck to you!!! And, of course, if you have a story to tell on the back of your Jeep and you want some assistance with design or producing it, we will help you! We can’t guarantee a girlfriend, but we can guarantee a great looking tire cover. Check out samples here: Jeep Custom Tire Covers by AllThingsJeep.com

Source: http://ift.tt/2kqvIb0

AllThingsJeep.com’s Top 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Jeep Owners for 2017

There are those of us who love our car. And then there are those of us who love our Jeep. As the saying goes,  “It’s a Jeep thing… You wouldn’t understand.” But this holiday season, even if you don’t understand, you can “fake it” with the 2017 Jeep Gift Buyers Guide for the Holidays from All Things Jeep. For the 15th year in a row, the company has compiled a list of this year’s 10 most unique Jeep gift ideas. If you can’t afford to put a new 2018 Jeep under the tree, you can put any one of these items there and still make your Jeep fan very happy.

THE TOP 10 HOLIDAY GIFTS for New Jeep Owners

1. Jeep Cookie Cutters for the Jeep enthusiast  – What better gift for your favorite “Jeeper” than a plate of yummy Jeep – inspired cookies. These cookie cutters make both a front view and a side view of our favorite vehicle. The decoration is up to you! ($12.99)


2. Our EXCLUSIVE Life is Good "Native Offroad" Tee-Shirt – Our best-selling Jeep shirt during the first decade of business has been reprinted and we are thrilled to offer our EXCLUSIVE Life is Good "Native Offroad" Tee-Shirt on a soft, dark blue shirt. This is definitely one of the first Jeep tees a new Jeeper should own. The message is simple. Life is good! Exclusively available here. $25.99 

lif11119 (1).jpg

3. Jeep Rated Shot Glass-Set of 4 –The Jeep Rated Shot Glass Set includes four "rated" Jeeps you can assign to your friends. Trail Rated for the tough custom Jeep, Mud Rated for the Jeep that bathes in mud, Beach Rated for the sand dune and ocean lover, and Mall Rated for the newbie stock Jeep. These aluminum shot glasses easily stack making them perfect to bring on your next camping trip! $19.99 


4. NEW!  Jeep Don’t Follow Me Laser Cut Silhouette Jeep Sign – Our newest sign says, “Don’t Follow Me You Won’t Make It” and is a Laser Cut Silhouette Sign that will look good against any backdrop. This sign is 14" x 14" 18g steel and has eyelets for easy hanging. $24.99 



5. Jeep 2018 Wall Calendars  – Count down the days to the next trail run or Jeep meetup with a Jeep calendar for your wall. It sure beats the one you get from the oil company every year. And it features some great looking Jeeps for inspiration. Starting at $14.99. 



6. Jeep Beanie Knit Hat for Winter  – No matter what color you choose, we think you’ll be the most stylish dresser out there with the Jeep Knit Beanie. The knit hat featuring a Jeep logo is a great stocking stuffer. $14.99. 


7. Jeep Gift Sets– We are making it easy for you to shop for your favorite Jeeper and have created a bunch of Jeep Gift Sets that bundle together a fun selection of products. We got them a Jeep Jewelry Gift Set, an Outdoor Winter Set, Jeep Pajama Bundles, a Jeep Dog Gift Set, and others. Starting at $34.99 


8. Jeep Hammerhead Shark Tire Cover – We have over 100 different tire cover designs for your Jeep and this one is an Exclusive that is really unique. Show your individuality with a tire cover that sets your Jeep apart from the rest. ($99.99) 



9. Holiday cards for Jeep lovers – Purchase these early enough and share the Jeep spirit with everyone you know. We have 4 new designs this year, all original artwork designed by our in-house graphic designer, Sam. There’s something magical about these cards. ($15.99/set) 


10. Choose from over 200 Jeep-licensed apparel items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, & jackets for men, women, children & babies. No, this isn’t just one item. But with so many new Jeep apparel items, it was hard to choose our best pick. We’ll leave this one for you. ($10 and up) 


About All Things Jeep

All Things Jeep is one of the largest providers of Jeep apparel, gifts, accessories and memorabilia to the Jeep® and off-road market. Through outstanding service, product variety and quality, All Things Jeep delights Jeep® owners with items that enhance their adventurous lifestyles. Visit http://ift.tt/15yum3E for the perfect gift for Jeep® lovers including clothing, decals, jewelry, signs, tire covers, floor mats, seat covers, soft tops and more. 

Source: http://ift.tt/2kqvIb0

Black Friday is Here!

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Jeepers! Today’s the day for sleeping in and bingeing on as much food as your stomach can handle (and rest assured we’ll be doing the same). We hope you’ll be enjoying the day and the time with your families. We at ExtremeTerrain are starting off the celebration by showing our gratitude to all of our visitors. Check out the deals we have in store for you all.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Promo

60% Off Select Wrangler Parts

You read that correctly; we’re offering up to 60% off of the more popular Wrangler parts. Bumpers, armor, side steps & some off-roading parts, wheels & tires, and lift kits. If you’ve been saving to overhaul your rig and turn it into an even more capable off-roading machine, now’s the time to capitalize on the more costly pieces of such a build.

If you’re Wrangler is already decked out or if you’re looking at a smaller budget, we’ve singled out mods that are under $100. This way you can avoid getting in trouble with your spouse and still treat yourself to an early Christmas present.

Black Friday Coupon Code

There are some parts that aren’t part of the 60% sale. For those, we present you with this coupon code: BF2017. This code is good for purchases over $250, and with it you’ll get $30 off. This code is only valid on Black Friday proper (Nov. 24th). If you’re wondering what’s applicable under the coupon, click the banner below.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Coupon Code

Note: On Cyber Monday (Nov. 27th) the code will change to CM2017.

JL Wrangler Giveaway Winners

Is the excitement keeping you awake at night? We don’t blame you! Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the finalists for our double vision 2018 Wrangler giveaway. The first finalist will be announced at 10:00 AM (EST), and we’ll continue announcing finalists every two hours over the course of the day. Check back for your name by clicking the banner below.

2018 JL Wrangler Giveaway

Source: http://ift.tt/2k1PIlQ

2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Preview

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring with it a unique set of obstacles every year. Whether to wake up before the sun to score big deals, or risk fighting through the masses. With ExtremeTerrain, we’ll make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday adventures easier. At least for that special rig in your life. Below we’ll provide a preview of what’s to come.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Promo

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Weekend

Our sales begin on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 23rd) and extended through Black Friday weekend ending on Nov. 26th. We’ll have all the details outlined in a post Thursday afternoon, so check back for specifics. However, we’ll have a variety of big-ticket parts eligible for the sale.

Bumpers & Armor – One of the first mods for any Jeeper is a set of bumpers or body armor. Both add a brute force attitude to your rig as well as off-road utility. The variety of bumpers is near endless, from full-width bumpers for maximum protection to stubby bumpers for the most breathing room for your rock crawling tires. Skid plates are equally variable; if it’s visible from the undercarriage, odds are we have a thick piece of steel to keep it safe. If you plan to tackle trails on your own, consider a bumper with a front winch plate and critical armor pieces like gas tank, differential, and transmission plates.

Cyber Monday

The Monday after the madness has its own slew of savings. We’ll be running our deals from Nov. 27th into Tuesday, Nov. 28th. These two days are the perfect time to consider the more costly upgrades like lift kits and wheel & tire kits.

We’ll also be running two unique coupon codes (one for Black Friday and another for Cyber Monday), so be on the lookout for those. Even if you rig if already outfitted with a lift, mudding tires, armor, and bumpers, smaller upgrades like light bars and tube doors will make good candidates for the coupon codes.

2017 JK Wrangler Cyber Monday Promo

The Winners of Our Biggest Giveaway Yet

You’ve probably heard already, but we hosted our biggest giveaway yet (and no, it’s most certainly not a scam). Two 2018 JL Wranglers: one outfitted in Deegan 38 gear and the other in Barricade parts. Entries have been closed since Nov. 15th, and we’ll announce our finalists on Nov 24th. Stay tuned to check for your name as we’ll announce finalists every two hours.

2018 JL Wrangler Giveaway with Deegan 38

Deegan 38 2018 JL Wrangelr   2018 JL Wrangler with Barricade Parts

Source: http://ift.tt/2k1PIlQ

Revealed: 2018 JL Wrangler – What’s New and What’s Not

This year’s SEMA event was exciting for current and future Wrangler owners. Jeep revealed more details of the upcoming redesigned JL Wrangler, along with press release photos and performance parts that finally confirmed significant rumors. Here are some important takeaways.

How Did Our Renders & Guestimates Stack Up?

We’ve published an article detailing several important possible changes on the upcoming JL Wrangler, and after the recent releases from Jeep at SEMA, this is how we came out.

  • Ordering and production dates: The estimated ordering dates of November are holding true, ordering banks have opened up and you can currently place an order for a 2018 JL. Production dates of mid-November are also trending to be accurate.
  • Most anticipated parts: Although none of the actual JL parts have been confirmed, things like wheels, lifts, bumpers, and lighting have always been primary items in the aftermarket world and the new JL Wrangler still seems to fall in line with that trend.
  • Significant exterior changes: Several early rumors of a redesigned grille and lighting along the fenders turned out to be all true. In addition, the windshield is also angled and still foldable. The official press release photos from Jeep show JL Wrangler models with these changes along with side fender inlets and larger wheel openings.
  • Powertrain changes: All the rumored engines and transmissions turned out to be correct, with the introduction of the diesel and turbo engines looking to take the spotlight. Earlier rumors of the elimination of a manual transmission were later changed and now confirmed as an available option in 2018. Along with Jeep’s 8-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission, which will be made available for all JL trim options.
  • Top options: The top options are still pending release, but if the rumors hold true, there will be several exciting options to choose from, including a powered soft top.
  • Interior makeover: The press release photos didn’t show clear confirmed details of the interior, but recent spy photos still confirm a noticeable change to the interior, which continues to include a new infotainment system with a large touch-screen display and a variety of comfort improvements that include push-start ignition. The press-release photos also confirm keyless entry door handles, which in turn confirm the push-start ignition option.

How will the Aftermarket World React?

Aftermarket tuners were excited at this year’s SEMA convention after Jeep released more official details on the upcoming JL Wrangler. Jeep’s Performance Parts division themselves introduced a variety of new parts available to the JL Wrangler at launch. These parts help confirm rumored changes like Jeep’s decision to retain the solid axle which means components like suspensions might only need slight changes to current products. This ensures a faster development time and release of new products. Given the new engine options, aftermarket parts like exhausts and engine tuning might need more time for design and development and could be expected to release later in the year. In addition, exterior and interior changes will also have aftermarket tuners exploring new modification ideas for Jeepers.

Win Two 2018 JL Wranglers

Now that we’ve discussed all the exciting updates with the upcoming 2018 JL Wrangler, we’re offering a chance to win TWO of these exciting new Jeeps. A four-door version decked out with parts from Deegan 38 and a two-door version filled with parts from Barricade Off-Road. You can enter once a week, and the winner will be announced 11/24/17. Click here to enter and for more details.

There’s no doubt SEMA delivered some excitement this year for potential JL Wrangler owners. Although the official released information from Jeep was limited, the content proved to be incredibly important, confirming vital information rumored at for the past year. We continue to receive additional leaks from our friends at the JL Wrangler Forum, so check back with us for more information as it’s released.

Photos courtesy of Jeep.

Source: http://ift.tt/2k1PIlQ

Video: 2018 JL Wrangler Spied Driving Around

With only a few months left until the November release of the redesigned 2018 JL Wrangler, the highly anticipated camouflaged Jeep has been making its rounds around town during real-world testing. Recently our friends over at the JL Wrangler Forum captured some video of the new Jeep, during one of these test drives around town.  Here are some of the important pieces that can be seen in the video and will likely be on the new Jeeps hitting the showroom this fall.

Fender Turning Lights On The 2018 JL Wrangler

Throughout all the spy photos and renderings, the belief was that Jeep would reposition the classic round turn signals, found on the Jeep’s grill under the headlights, over to the fenders. The move would give the Jeep a more upscale look, while providing a more streamlined and simplified look for the grille. Right from the start of the video, the fender turn signals can be clearly seen through the camouflage, confirming the new design change.

2018 Wrangler Desert Testing2018 JL Wrangler Angled Front

One of the most notable items in the video is the 2018 Jeep Wrangler’s elongated angled front, starting from the front bumper to the grille and through the windshield. The Jeep has an overall sloped stance that will improve aerodynamics and gas mileage. The camouflage certainly exaggerates the angle, but the video shows how far out the front bumper sits and the angles of the grille and windshield.

2018 JL Wrangler Soft TopJL Wrangler Side Fender Vents

The video also highlights large bulges towards the back of the front fenders. The boxed camouflage panels seem to be covering the rumored side vents that were seen in early renderings. The vents would certainly provide more air circulation to the engine, while also provide the Jeep with a nice exterior upgrade.

2018 Wrangler Less Camo2018 Wrangler Side Mirror Marker Lights

The side mirrors on the camouflaged jeep have a large boxed cover, this is presumably used to cover the relocated side marker lights from the fenders. Considering that the front of the fenders would now have a turn signal LED strip, the side marker lights will be repositioned to the side mirrors. The move would make things interesting if you choose to remove the front doors and keep the Jeep road legal.

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL TestingJL Wrangler Door Hinges & Handles

The door hinges and handles are still heavily camouflaged throughout the video, but continue to provide an indication of redesigned parts. The hinges are rumored to have a more solid overall construction that would still allow the doors to be removed and installed easily. The handles themselves are rumored to have proximity sensors for keyless entry into the Jeep.

Source: http://ift.tt/2k1PIlQ

Trail Recovery Gear For Your Wrangler

Carrying well-chosen trail recovery gear among your Wrangler’s equipment ensures you successfully complete your off-road adventure. Some off-road spots can trap a Jeep – including deep mud, obstacles, steep slopes and stream beds. Rather than walking for hours before reaching a road and then spending considerable amounts of money and additional time retrieving your Wrangler, having winches, shovels and other recovery tools on board enables extracting yourself from difficulties. This satisfying, practical self-reliance quickly frees your JK for more thrilling cross-country action.

A Sturdy Winch for Effective Recovery


The Barricade Off-Road 9,500lb synthetic line winch with wireless control provides a tough, hardy, affordable version of the winch, a trail recovery tool no off-road driver can dispense with. Winches extract Wranglers from the majority of difficulties encountered, such as mud holes. The Barricade Off-Road’s 9,500lb working capacity drags Jeeps out of such locations, or assists with difficult wheeling like climbing wet mountain trails.

The winch’s strength suffices to pull a Jeep with locked wheels easily across level ground. The remote control enables operating the winch from inside the Jeep, or off to the side if safety conditions require. Installment and wiring of this winch is straightforward, needing approximately 1-2 hours for one person, somewhat faster with two. A good winch like the Barricade Off-Road’s is the foundation for every set of trail recovery gear, enabling extraction from many difficult situations when an anchor point is available.

Snatch Block and Straps for Advanced Recovery



While a winch handles the majority of off-road problems, the Barricade Off-Road Recovery Kit extends its capabilities, allowing a Wrangler’s escape from even more predicaments. The 17,500lb snatch block enables several additional winch uses, including linking back to your Jeep (doubling pulling power), or as a midpoint enabling pulling in a different direction than straight ahead.

The snatch block’s smooth curves ensure it will not fray or damage the winch’s synthetic line. The drag chain allows even more extraction setups, such as an A-shaped attachment to both front recovery points, equalizing a winch recovery to the Jeep’s center. The extra-rugged D-shackles provide sturdy attachment for the included snatch straps if rescuing the JK from its plight demands towing by another Jeep.

Gloves and a storage bag provide hand protection and storage neatness. A good recovery kit like the Barricade Off-Road kit gives you the power to extract your Wrangler from almost anywhere it gets stuck.

Interchangeable Tools for Extra-Difficult Situations


Rounding out a JK’s trail recovery gear with the Rugged Ridge All Terrain Recovery Tool Kit provides the wherewithal to deal with “corner cases,” situations where a winch represents overkill or won’t help. The single steel handle with four interchangeable heads – shovel, pick, ax, and 5-lb sledgehammer – saves space and weight.

The shovel provides the most use, removing excess snow for better traction, shoveling out mud from around a mired vehicle, packing earth under “hanging” rear wheels, or many other tasks making retrieval easier (or possible at all). The pick loosens hard-packed earth, frozen dirt or rocky soil before shoveling.

The sledge drives in a recovery anchor if other recovery points are unavailable or breaks up ice. The ax enables cutting poles to serve as “corduroy” traction under the wheels, breaking up stumps or logs the Wrangler is hung up on, and similar tasks. Together with a winch and snatch block/straps, this kit gives you the final elements you need to free basically any trapped Jeep.

Source: http://ift.tt/2k1PIlQ

Predicting The Most Popular 2018 JL Wrangler Parts

As the new 2018 JL Wrangler reaches its debut in November of this year, there’s also a high level of excitement building over how the aftermarket world will work to support the new Wrangler model line. Here are some ideas for potentially new 2018 JL Wrangler parts.

2018 JL Jeep Wrangler crawlingJL Wrangler Lift Kits & Tires

Among the most common aftermarket upgrades done to most Jeeps is a lift kit to accommodate larger tires. The new JL Wrangler is rumored to have a higher fender line to allow for slightly larger tires, creating the possibility of running 35” tires on a stock suspension. That would then require an aftermarket lift for 37” and over tires in most cases. This in turn will make an aftermarket lift kit a debatable 2018 Wrangler upgrade for most owners looking to go to just a 35” tire. However, JL owners looking for more suspension articulation on the trail will make adding a lift kit a no brainer.

When discussing larger tires, it’s important to note that although the JL Wrangler will retain the traditional tailgate mounting for the spare tire, the rumored 2019 JT Wrangler Pickup will have the spare located under the truck bed. This could be problematic if you plan on running larger tires on the JT and something that the aftermarket world will be focused on, as more information of the JT is released.

2018 Wrangler Desert Testing2018 JL Wrangler Bumpers

Another group of JL parts that will be a hot upgrade on the 2018 Wrangler are aftermarket bumpers. Some of the recent spy photos seem to indicate that Rubicon models will be equipped with a similar modular steel bumper found on the JK Hard Rock editions.

This factory option certainly appeals to most Jeep owners looking for a steel alternative to the plastic bumper, but still offers the versatility to shorten the width and overall weight. Aftermarket bumpers will certainly still have a significant demand, but overall frame dimensions will dictate their style and function.

Rear bumpers with incorporated spare tire mounting solutions will also play a role in upcoming potential JL parts. Larger tires are heavier and require a stronger mounting location. Jeep has recently looked to address that with recent factory reinforced tailgate solutions. It will be interesting to see if the reinforced tailgates will become a standard option on the 2018 JL Wrangler, or will this be an opportunity that the aftermarket will look to fill.

2018 JL Wrangler Unlimited Grille2018 JL Wrangler Lights

Lighting is another popular aftermarket option for most Jeep owners. Jeep seems to recognize the demand for auxiliary lighting and has incorporated a factory switch panel for auxiliary equipment, which can be seen in recent interior spy photos.

The JL Wrangler will have a rumored raked windshield that will still be foldable, requiring the need for an exterior hinge like past models. The exterior hinge bracket has always been a great mounting location for small pillar lights and it seems like this option will remain among possible 2018 Wrangler parts.

In addition to the pillar mounting location, Jeep has repositioned the turning signals from the grill over to the side mirrors, allowing for larger auxiliary lighting on the front bumper. The relocation of the turn signals could allow for the possibility of a light bar that can span the width of the bumper, considering that it would no longer block the old signal location.

These are just a few of the high-level aftermarket areas most commonly seen on Jeeps these days. The new Jeep will in no doubt open the possibility for a larger variety of 2018 Wrangler parts, as the market adjusts after the Jeep’s launch in November. Let us know what you think could be additional JL parts that could be game changers in the coming model.

What do you think are going to be the most popular upgrades on the 2018 JL Wrangler? Comment what we missed below!

Source: http://ift.tt/2k1PIlQ

New 2018 JL Wrangler Engine Options Revealed

Our friends at the JL Wrangler forum just received some information from an anonymous source in regards to the varying engine options for the upcoming 2018 JL Wrangler. The rumor involves six different engine options that would be utilized throughout the world markets, each with their own distinct purpose and marketing strategy. It’s important to note that this rumor involves the worldwide release, so some of these engines might not make it to the US markets. Let’s examine each engine option.

2018 Jeep JL Wrangler ImageTwo Different 2018 JL 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engines

Although there isn’t very much detail about the differences of the proposed Pentastar engines, one idea revolves around a slightly de-tuned version for the European Market, while the North American and Middle Eastern segments would probably be getting a slightly more powerful engine.

One theory revolves around the newly released 3.6L Pentastar engine used in the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This new engine features a variety of upgrades over the previous Pentastar. Improvements such as two-stage variable valve lift, a cooled EGR, new intake manifold, new fuel injectors, new ignition coils and upgrades to the variable valve timing system.

The new Pentastar engine has a MDS similar to the Hemi, in which it will shut off two cylinders while driving at highway speeds in order to achieve similar fuel economy as a four-cylinder engine, while still providing over 300hp and 268 ft-lb of torque.

2018 Wrangler Less CamoTwo 2018 Wrangler Diesel Engines

Earlier in the year FCA was tagged with an investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over the possible cheating of diesel engines used in V6 Jeep and Ram vehicles between 2014 and 2016. This investigation seemed to put the possibility of a diesel engine in the upcoming 2018 JL Wrangler on hold. Nonetheless, Jeep is still looking to solve the issue and proceed with the possibility of finally bringing the diesel to the North American scene.

The proposed engines might be a 3.0 Liter version and possibly also a smaller 2.2 Liter option that would be used in the rest of the world market. For the 3.0L version, Jeep can possibly tap into the 3.0L VM V-6 Diesel EcoBoost engine found on the Dodge Ram.

The lightweight supercharged engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, capable of producing 240hp and a massive 420lb-ft of torque. Equally important, this would finally allow the Wrangler to have a good towing capacity of around 9,200 lbs.

There’s no doubt that these diesel engines are among the most anticipated engine options coming to the JL Wrangler and the hope is that the FCA can work through the EPA investigation in time for the release of the upcoming JL model.

Close up of the Wrangler Hurricane EngineTwo 4-Cylinder JL Wrangler Engines

With a clear initiative on fuel economy and an effort to meet strict government fuel requirements. Jeep will possibly introduce two variations of a 2.0L four-cylinder engine. Although it’s still not clear If one of the four cylinder engine options will be a naturally aspirated engine, what has become clear and more likely for the North American market, is that the other four cylinder engine will be the rumored turbocharged Hurricane engine.

The proposed Hurricane engine will be heavily focused on road performance, with an estimated 300-horsepower out of a smaller and lighter engine than the V6 Pentastar. This is another important engine option for the North American market as it attempts to satisfy the need for better fuel economy in the Wrangler line-up, but also possibly provide the basis of a future electric or hybrid engine option.

Although it’s still not clear which of these engine options will be classified as the standard engine option, it seems that the North American segment is about to see at least three out of these six options. This variety of engine options will help pair owners with the appropriate engine according to their needs and hopefully introduce a variety of aftermarket parts and tuners. Let us know what you think of the engine options and which you find more appealing.

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Ready for a little off-road inspiration? Take a look at the extreme trail riding photos and video from the 2017 Easter Jeep® Safari in Moab, Utah.

Remember, when it comes to the most difficult trails, the key is to stay calm and remain focused … and that’s a tall order when you’re tackling the inclines at Moab. Fortunately, the iconic Jeep Wrangler 4×4 is built for the challenge.

And no matter how hardcore your 4×4 credentials, a good spotter is essential when choosing the correct line and conquering the most daunting obstacles. See how the guides at the Easter Jeep Safari help to instill confidence and calm nerves in the most precarious situations.

After all that excitement on the trail, it’s important take a deep breath and reflect. And when it comes to watching the world go by, it doesn’t hurt to have the best seat in the house. Let’s sit back and enjoy the view from the Top of the World.

Can’t get enough of Moab? Check out the Jeep brand concept vehicles that showed their 4×4 prowess at the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari.

It’s never too early to look forward to next year’s Easter Jeep Safari. Start planning your desert adventure at jeep.com.

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