400 HP in the ABT Golf VII R

Already the first Golf GTI wiped its mostly stronger opponents from the fast lane on the motorway by the dozen. But with its originally 112 HP, even after the facelift it wasn’t quite ready to attack the high-power sports cars, yet. Later the GTI was upgraded to 16V and G60 versions, which were again surpassed by the VR6 and R-models. The latter, in turn, found their match in their ABT counterparts. The latest counterpart is the Golf VII R with 400 HP / 294 kW instead of the standard 310 HP / 228 kW. Meaning that the specially developed ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit is responsible for a staggering power increase of 30 percent. The maximum torque is also increased from 400 to 500 Nm. “Even the special model Golf R360S, which was briefly offered ex works in Switzerland, is left behind,” explains Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Abt.

Thanks to four-wheel drive, the standard Golf R model already has plenty of traction. The optional ABT suspension springs, which lower the sports model by 20 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear, make sure the pocket rocket handles even hairpin bends with ease. And even more so when the ABT Anti-Roll Bars are on board as well. This can be increased even further with the ABT Height Adjustable Suspension-Kit, which can lower the front axle by max. 40 mm and the rear axle by max. 45 mm. And anyway: The one who can brake faster, can maintain his speed longer. In line with this principle, the company has a powerful 6-piston brake system with fixed calipers in their product range to stop all that horsepower.

After stopping a literal horse you would use stirrups to dismount. The human ear also needs a stirrup, a small bone, to transmit sound. And this stirrup will be exposed to a lot of sound coming from the four-pass ABT Rear Muffler with 102 mm outlets. This arrangement is also pleasant to look at with its black chrome tailpipe – just like the attractive alloy wheels from ABT. The worldwide-leading tuning company for VW and Audi models supplies its DR and ER-C designs in different finishes and in the sizes 18, 19 or 20 inches.

But this is not the last of options for optical individualization: Naturally, ABT Side Skirts and a Tailgate Add-on designed as a diffusor are simply a must-have for a powerful appearance. After all: it’s okay to show off performance!

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VW Arteon with 336 hp and 420 Nm

The prefix in the VW Arteon name says it all – “art”! And indeed, the design of the four-door coupé is much more ambitious than the practical, but rather austere VW Passat. From a performance perspective, however, the Arteon cannot set itself apart from its brand colleague: with a maximum of 280 hp (206 kW), it is on a level with the Passat and is even surpassed by its direct predecessor, the VW CC, as a top version. About time to change that! ABT Sportsline has therefore adapted its legendary engine control unit AEC (ABT Engine Control) especially for the Arteon, raising the 2-liter top gasoline engine to 336 hp (247 kW). The maximum torque is increased from 350 to 420 Nm.

ABT VW Arteon rear diagonal VW Arteon with 336 hp and 420 Nm

“That is an increase of a solid 20 per cent for both figures,” CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt explains. “And that with absolute steadiness and an unchanged long service life.” After all, ABT Sportsline has the trust of the VW and Audi Group unlike any other tuning company. Among other things, this becomes evident in the way ABT supports the official Audi racing activities in Formula E and DTM. For VW dealerships and country importers, ABT Sportsline has already developed and built several special sports models.

ABT VW Arteon side diagonal VW Arteon with 336 hp and 420 Nm

To ensure that the handling of the new VW Arteon can match its sporty core at all times, ABT offers sports suspension springs as a further extra. The lowering also highlights the bold, sweeping body of the four-door coupé even more. Of course, generously sized alloy wheels from ABT Sportsline are a must in this case – whether we are expecting a glorious Indian summer or an early onset of winter. With the attractive price, the complete winter wheel offer consisting of the ABT SPORT ER-C 19″ rim and high-performance winter tires in 245/40 R19 is certainly a good choice. The dynamic geometry and the Gun-metal finish with diamond-machined sections are a perfect fit for the Arteon. Alternatives wanted? The rim range from ABT Sportsline also offers the equally attractive models DR, FR and GR in 19″, 20″ and 21″. But no matter which wheels customers choose in the end – the Arteon refined with ABT Sportsline products will certainly be a real work of art in their garage.

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BILSTEIN Announces Expansion Of B12 Pro Kit Uprated Spring & Damper Range To Include Mk7 VW Golf

Few suspension firms have the resources, experience and capability to develop suspension ranges quite as swiftly as BILSTEIN, and the German damping god’s have once again proven their ability to develop top-notch suspension in no time at all by launching an all new B12 kit, one designed for the VW Group MQB platform. The B12 kit of matched springs and uprated dampers has been developed for the Mk7 Golf, the Audi A3 8V and the Seat Leon 5F, and promises dramatic improvements in road-holding and cornering ability.

The much vaunted MQB chassis was released some years ago and has continued to expand, finding fans across the globe thanks to its supple chassis, wide-ranging capabilities, and the fact that it can so readily be tweaked and tuned. BILSTEIN’s decision to launch a B12 kit for 3 of the most popular models within the MQB range makes a great deal of sense then, and its latest offering should be considered a must-fit kit by those owners’ keen to maximize the handling traits of their Golf, A3 or Leon.

Long considered one of the most balanced ranges offered by BILSTEIN, the B12 Pro Kit manages to blend out-and-out road and track performance with everyday usability and comfort. A matched spring and damper package that promises massive improvements in road holding, BILSTEIN’s B12 Pro Kit features Eibach’s progressively wound springs and gas pressure dampers, a setup that’s proved its worth under the arches of countless race and rally cars. This, combined with the firm’s Professional Cornering System (PCS), results in dramatic improvements in damping performance.

BILSTEIN’s world renowned mono-tube/Upside-Down, gas pressure technology plays a massive part in the B12’s broad spread of abilities, as does the comprehensive development and testing process that all BILSTEIN products undergo before being released for sale. Designed and made in Germany, the Golf/A3/Leon B12 Pro Kit has full TUV approval, Germany’s famously stringent version of our own MOT, so MQB owners can rest assured that they’re buying a stunningly engineered product.

The all new B12 Pro Kit will lower any VW Group model it’s fitted to by 40mm (less on sports models) enough to improve handling thanks to a lower centre of gravity and to make the car in question look more purposeful, but not so far as to cause issues when driving on the UK’s patchy road network. It should be noted that BILSTEIN’s B12 uprights have been designed to fit those cars with 55mm front and rear multi-link fitting, and should therefore only be installed on models with it in situ.

BILSTEIN’s all new B12 Pro Kit looks set to be one of the most significant products for the ever-expanding MQB range for some time, and one which has the potential to transform the handling traits of these already tight and focused cars.

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Apprehended modified car

I have a friend (let’s call him “M”) who had his car apprehended last week, after being stopped in a routine operation, near the capital. There was no other apparent reason other than the vehicle’s appearance, because he had his car modified after watching Fast & Furious (& sequels) several times. In my opinion, he’s still a teen, in the sense he is up to anything trendy just for the sake of being accepted by his friends. Let me just say he has a lot of friends and his budget affords his stravaganza (I surely wouldn’t, but I have nothing to say against those who can; in fact, I wouldn’t mind doing it, if I had the means to do it, hence the word stravaganza).

What I mean to say is, he was doing nothing illegal, he was just driving home after a night out, no booze, no drugs, no nothing. I know him well, so I can vouch for him. I believe there is still a predisposition against tuner cars, in particular, and against different people in general.

“M” likes to race. I’ve been with him a couple of times on those occasions and it feels good, like you’re in the movie, although no one is actually contemplating a big heist. Some friends gather around to show each other their cars, and take them for a ride, you know… “Boys with toys”. Just to go there and set your wheels in front of others is a statement, which is why they go to all that trouble of replacing this for that, picking parts with Tirendo, and – of course – choosing the right music. Any good movie had a good soundtrack, so that is a must.

I’m pretty sure “M” will get his car back. He may be susceptible to what other people think of him (a little too much, on my opinion), he may be vain, but he’s not careless and he would never take his wheels out if it would mean causing any harm or putting anyone in danger. I’d go so far to say I feel safer with that jolly bunch on the road that with any other driver I’ve ever met, for a simple reason: none of them would ever do anything to jeopardize their cars. There’s too much money, time and love invested. Too much of themselves as well. Those are not ordinary cars, therefore you can’t never consider their drivers to be ordinary people.

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VW’s Best Selling Used Cars

There are few automobile manufacturers better respected than Volkswagen. The Ger-man brand has a long history of producing reliable, practical and affordable automo-biles of all sizes. They have established a strong reputation in the motor industry and consistently perform well in a number of sectors. They are particularly popular with families, but they have at least one automobile to suit every motorist.

Volkswagen’s are often purchased second-hand and their reliability makes them a smart investment. There are many used VW’s that sell well, but here are a few of the more popular models and ones that you can find for sale in second hand dealers like Motorpoint and others up and down the country.

This supermini is one of VW’s most popular automobiles and a common sight on UK roads. This is for good reason, as the Polo is excellent value for money with an af-fordable price tag and low running costs. It is also the perfect combination of perfor-mance and practicality with a decent experience behind the wheel and a smart interior. It is ideal for city use due to its size and efficiency, but that is not to say that the Polo cannot handle motorway driving as it is well built (like all VWs).

The new Polo has a range of engines to choose from, but the most efficient is the 1.4-litre TDI diesel. This returns an impressive 80mpg whilst emitting just 88 g/km of CO2.

The SUV market has surged in popularity in recent years and the Tiguan is VW’s highly rated entry into the sector. Now on its second generation, the Tiguan has the cool styling and comfortable interior that you would expect form a luxury SUV, but it is firmly in the mid-priced range. In addition to this, it delivers a firm ride and is available in both four-wheel and front-wheel drive (both are very capable).

There is a range of engines to choose from, but the most popular seems to be the 148bhp 2.0 litre TDI. This impressive engine provides a powerful performance but helps to keep running costs low with returns of 55mpg. This is furthered by the stop/start technology available with most models. This engine emits 140 g/km of CO2, which makes it one of the more efficient SUVs on the market.

The Golf is an iconic vehicle and consistently one of the best selling used cars in the UK. This is thanks to its remarkable reliability, which means that even older models do not cause their owners much grief. The family hatchback market is very competi-tive, but the Golf is considered to be the benchmark as it ticks all of the boxes that are required in this market. It is reliable, practical, efficient with a high-quality interior which allows for great comfort.

One of the major selling points and reasons that the Golf is loved by both critics and the public is the superb efficiency of the engines. Running costs are kept down thanks to impressive engine tech – the 1.5 litre with 148 bhp returns 55.4 mpg with emissions of just 116 g/km due to cylinder deactivation technology.

It is no surprise that VW continues to perform well in the used car market as they have a number of excellent automobiles that appeal to a range of motorists.

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A VW Guide for New Buyers

German manufacturer Volkswagen is one of the most respected and trusted car companies in the UK. They are known for creating affordable, reliable and comfortable automobiles and this makes them very popular with families and young motorists. Their name translates to “People’s Car” and this reflects their brand identity perfectly.

New VW buyers will be happy to hear that they have a wide choice of recent vehicles to choose from and one for every type of motorist. Here are a few that are highly worth a look:

The Up has emerged as one of the best city cars available in a fiercely competitive market. Despite its compact dimensions, the Up is remarkably spacious inside and is available in both 3 and 5 door. It is also stylish, practical and great fun to drive. If you need a small car with low running costs, you will struggle to find anything better than this great car.

VW Golf
VW’s flagship car, the multi award-winning Golf is one of the more common cars on the road and this is for good reason. The compact family car is now on its 7th generation and better than ever. It has a superb all round performance with a high-quality interior with plenty of impressive technology. The reliability of the Golf makes it a fantastic investment for any motorist.

VW Passat
It is not just small automobiles that the German brand specialise in and the Passat is a good example of this. The family car is all about class and comfort with an attractive design, premium cabin and spacious interior. It also has a lot of advanced tech and a range of efficient engines to choose from. It ticks all the boxes that a family needs for an automobile and is a smart investment.

VW Tiguan
The Tiguan is VW’s foray into the SUV market, which has exploded in popularity within the last few years. Now on its second generation, the Tiguan is one of the best designed SUVs on the market with good handling, refinement and a classy interior. It is packed with the latest technology and is available in both four-wheel and front-wheel drive systems. It is also economical for an SUV, which makes it enticing for families seeking a practical and comfortable SUV.

Protect Your Investment
The above are just three of VW’s best automobiles available right now, but it is worth looking at their entire range to find one that suits your particular needs. Whilst VW are known for their reliability, it is still important to purchase a Car Warranty if you are buying used and the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. This will protect you if there are any electrical or mechanical faults. Even the best automobiles can encounter issues, so a warranty is an important expense no matter which car you purchase.

VW is an excellent and highly respected automobile manufacturer in this country. Their impressive range is built up of affordable, practical and reliable vehicles and they are a smart choice for any motorist seeking a new car.

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New Sport Catalysts for 918 Spyder

What happens when you challenge the limits of the plug-in hybrid concept? The result is a super sports car like the Porsche 918 Spyder. What happens when edo competition provides the finishing touch? That’s the “extra” polish that makes this vehicle unique. Sheer madness, acoustically as well as visually.

It’s the evening and the night is slowly closing in. The best conditions for our project. Last check to see whether the camera is correctly positioned and then we’re heading off to the motorway. We proceed at a brisk pace, no creeping along the country road as the speedo’s already recording a 3-digit figure by the time we reach the motorway slip road, which isn’t a problem at all for this fast car.

Then it’s time, with the blue motorway sign behind us we head towards 300, 320, …. 345 km/h!

We shoot forward in this bullet at a dizzying speed as if catapulted.

What usually makes most people put on the brakes as they head towards speeds of 300, at least in their minds, are not just the 887 HP behind them but also the respect for the expensive 918 Spyder that now costs way over 1 million euro. You don’t really want to be messing it up on an ordinary crash barrier.

Edo is less concerned. He’s already driven so many extreme sports cars, whether its’s for tuning, breaking records or on race tracks, that he knows how far he can push the car.

And then he shows what we’ve been missing so far. The two-seater burns up the motorway as if there’s no stopping it. Anyone who’s now thinking, that’s sheer madness, should experience the sports catalytic converters designed by edo competition in action. The afterburn from the exhaust pipes is phenomenal at night! The sound level of the 918 is pretty huge by standard but now, by comparison, just a prelude to the unleashed inferno. The V8 cylinder, the deep red glowing sports exhaust system with newly designed catalytic converters, now the fast car really shouts down any pistons pounding through the neighbourhood without almost any damping at all.

Just a few minutes and it’s over, the motorway doesn’t even allow for longer distances over 300 at night. Edo takes his foot off the accelerator and lets the fast car slowly glide at more civil speeds. The tension also gradually subsides now and is taken over by the delight in this fantastic result. Relaxed, my gaze wanders through the interior catching sight of a whole range of different carbon finishes. The whole thing is very impressive. Everything’s customised, leaving no wish unfulfilled.

We return more than happy with some good shots. Challenge and dynamics, these two key elements of edo competition’s brand awareness have once again been met. A performance packed with passion and interior design full of emotions! That’s another masterpiece from edo competition!

Just before the factory gates, he can’t resist though and puts the powerful acceleration to the test once again, switching down a gear and putting the system’s brutal roar to use. In the rear-view mirror the flames light up the driver’s eyes, that’s the pure passion of driving!

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Forging Ahead – Forge Action Day 2017

‘Changeable weather at Forge Action Day 2017 couldn’t prevent the Gloucestershire tuning legend’s annual bash at Castle Combe from being a complete success’

Braving the best of the British summer weather, the 2017 instalment of Forge Action Day, turned out to be a truly wonderful petrolhead’s day out. Many thousands of passionate petrolheads braved the changeable weather, meaning that it didn’t take long before Castle Combe was filled to capacity, packed with modified cars of every shape and size – exactly as we’ve come to expect of Forge Action Day.

Forge Action Day has long prided itself on being able to deliver a fitting swansong for the UK’s summer show season and this year it more than delivered, so much so that it seemed as if every square inch of the circuit was filled with a modified motor of one kind or another. It’s a show that’s long been defined by a welcoming, utterly accepting atmosphere, hence why it really wasn’t odd to see classic Beetles rubbing arches (figuratively) with late ‘60s Americana, ‘hovercraft’ kitted Nissan S13s sharing stand space with be-winged ‘Cossies,’ and everything in-between. Basically, if you like tweaked internal combustion engines, Forge Action Day was your cup of tea.

It had its name atop the door so it goes without saying that Forge Motorsport were in attendance with a massive stand, one groaning under the weight of high end alloy components, but they were far from alone. Also in attendance were Meguiars (more on them in a moment), suspension bush gurus Powerflex, spring and damper gods Eibach and Bilstein, Milltek Sport (makers of some of the finest exhausts around). Toyo had a selection of ultra grippy rubber on display, Pipercross had an array of aftermarket filters, Cobra’s expanded range of bucket and sports seats, and The Performance Company, home to many of the UK’s most beloved tuning names.

The Forge Motorsport stand was the place to see some the nation’s most impressive feature cars, all of them utilising Forge hardware to some degree. Pipey McGraw’s purist displeasing triple rotor Jaguar E-Type was seldom seen without throngs of impressed show-goers, while Steve Putt’s LS-shod Mazda RS attempted to steal as much of the limelight as possible. Both were shaded by the debut of Forge’s own, recently reworked creation, the MK1 VW Golf GTI ‘Berg Cup’ car. Forge’s engineers worked late into the night and onto the early hours to get the John Player Special themed beast to the show, and they were rewarded by positive attention from all corners.

Meguiars were also responsible for the ever popular parade lap, an opportunity for the crowd to see immaculately presented, detailed to the nines cars to take to Castle Combe’s hallowed tarmac. It contrasted with some of the more high octane action taking place, most notably drift demonstrations from some of the UK’s top sideways merchants, plus bookable track sessions for those feeling more adventurous.

Forge Action Day 2017 proved once and for all that it really doesn’t matter if the Great British weather fancies playing ball or not, the British petrolhead’s passion and commitment will always shine through.

See you there next year!


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Awesome GTI Range Expands To Include APR Front & Rear Stabiliser Bars For 2WD MQB Platform

It’s all too easy to get carried away with ‘power tuning,’ to fixate on chasing big horsepower figures at the expense of your car’s chassis. Doing so can quite rapidly leave you with an evil handling monster of a car, one with too much power and not enough handling finesse, and your driving experience will invariably suffer as a result. Awesome GTI has long carried a veritable armoury of chassis upgrades for all manner of VW Group models, including both front and rear APR stabiliser bars (Anti-Roll bars) for two-wheel drive MQB models.

It pays to entrust any chassis upgrades you do opt to undertake to a firm with provenance, and few can claim to have more experience in the field of making VW Group cars handle like they’re on rails than APR. Well known for its comprehensive range of tuning options, maps, intakes and much else besides, APR has long prided itself on being able to offer an equally exhaustive portfolio of ARBs and braces, hence the launch of both front and rear stabiliser bars for the ever popular MQB chassis.

APR’s front stabiliser bar is of an adjustable type, with 2 pre-set points which enable the owner to toggle the bar to better suit their driving style and ideal handling balance. Coming in at 28.6mm in diameter, the front stabiliser bar also boasts a hollow, weldless design, traits which ensure that it’s both light and incredibly strong. The front bar kit includes specially created polyurethane bushings, mounting brackets and lightweight billet spacers.

The rear APR stabiliser bar comes in at 25.4mm in diameter and again makes use of a hollow, weldless design to promote both reduced weight and rigidity. It includes a set of polyurethane bushes shown to further reduce unwanted suspension flex.

Both the front and rear APR bars have been designed to be used together, though they’re sold separately. Said design process saw the stabiliser bars put through an industry leading development process, one which involved countless miles of both track and road driving on a selection of different MQB models. They can therefore be counted upon to perform for countless miles, while also being wholly suited to both fast road and track cars.

The quality of the materials used in the bars, the skills of the engineers charged with their development, and the aforementioned development process mean that, handling wise, the results speak for themselves. Cars fitted with APR’s stabiliser bars have been shown to have significantly enhanced cornering capabilities, and all without having a diminished ride quality. The bars function by reducing cornering load differentials between your vehicle’s inner and outer wheels when under load, which in turn results in a greater balance between understeer and oversteer, enhanced stability, control, and ultimately, grip.

APR Roll Control Front Stabiliser Bar (MQB, 2WD): – £255.74
APR Roll Control Rear Stabiliser Bar (MQB, 2WD): – £255.74
Fits: Golf Mk7, Leon Mk3, Octavia Mk3, A3 8V

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Uprated Transmission and Engine Mounts For VW Group 2.0TFI and 2.0TFSI Engines

‘Power is nothing without control’ is one of the oldest automotive clichés in the book but, as is the case with pretty much all clichés, it does ring true; there’s no point investing countless thousands tuning your car’s engine in search of monster power if said car’s chassis can’t handle it, hence why Awesome GTI can supply all manner of handling upgrades. The latest addition to Awesome’s range of chassis upgrades are suitably uprated transmission and engine mounts from Racingline Performance for VW Group cars with 2.0TFI and TFSI engines.

Though undeniably tight, keen handling cars in factory form, those VW Group models with 2.0 TFI and TFSI engines have their motor and transmission held in place by just 3 mounts; one at the engine side, one at the gearbox and another underneath the engine and transmission assembly itself, usually referred to as a dog-bone mount. Racingline’s latest mounts effectively replace the OEM engine and gearbox mounts (though they can also supply the dog-bone), and support the weight of the whole drivetrain in a far more effective manner than the VW parts.

The fact that Racingline Performance’s uprated transmission and engine mounts come as a complete, ‘fit and forget’ assembly is highly significant. It means that owners can install both and be safe in the knowledge that the parts they’re fitting have been proven to deliver performance enhancing results, and also that they’ve been developed to function as a whole, with no requirement for further aftermarket additions at the same time. It’s also a handling solution which negates the need for alternative chassis enhancements, those that have been shown to offer only a partial solution – ‘push in’ aftermarket bushes being a good, all too often crude, example.

While it’s true that both mounts have been designed to complement one another, it’s worth taking the time to look at the relative capabilities of each, starting with the transmission. The mount itself has been developed to have a tangible impact on transmission ‘flex,’ which in turn has a dramatic effect on the physical process of changing gear. By banishing the soft rubber movement in the standard mount, the difference is noticeable the first time you pull away after fitment, and on every aggressive gear change after that (whether manual or DSG). Not only does this result in a swifter cog selection process, it makes the action of shifting between gears a whole lot more rewarding!

The Racingline engine mount has been shown to bring about dramatic reductions in drivetrain movement when under acceleration and braking, in turn instilling a tighter, sharper and more precise feeling, one that can’t help but encourage you to push on and have greater confidence in your car’s abilities. Racingline’s engine mount has also been proven to negate that loose feeling when coming on and off-throttle, and all but eradicate the chance of wheel-hop under hard acceleration as the whole engine and ‘box assembly judders violently.

It should be noted that Racingline’s uprated mount packages are uncompromising products that have been honed on some of Europe’s most demanding circuits. This background is wholly responsible for their ability to bring about such massive improvements in handling, but it also means that their installation can’t help but increase levels of Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH), meaning that they’re best reserved for fast road and track cars.

Last but most certainly not least, the fact that the new uprated mounts have been developed by Racingline Performance means that they can be relied upon to stand the test of time, while at the same time acting as the foundation stone to further power and chassis tuning at a later date. Both are suitable for fitment to VW Group cars with transversely mounted 2.0 TFI and 2.0TFSI engines.

The Racingline uprated transmission and engine mounts are available now and ship with everything required for a swift, hassle free installation process. Both are suitable for both manual and DSG-equipped cars, and they should be considered must-fit items for anyone serious about bringing about significant chassis enhancements.

Racingline transmission mount
Price: £256.80

Racingline engine mount
Price: £256.80

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