Dubarry Crosshaven Boots

Whether you’re crossing the ice-laden waters of Svalbard, doing some hard labour on the foredeck or putting the boat in the water in Poole Harbour, boots that remain impregnable to the sea are crucial. The Dubarry Crosshaven is as rugged and tough as a sailing boot gets.

Whether you’re crossing the ice-laden waters of Svalbard, doing some hard labour on the foredeck or putting the boat in the water in Poole Harbour, boots that remain impregnable to the sea are crucial. The Dubarry Crosshaven is as rugged and tough as a sailing boot gets.

Typically you need three things from your boots; to stay dry whatever the weather throws at you, to keep your feet warm if things turn chilly and to provide breathability to maximise comfort and minimise the pong when you lever them off after a tough day on board.

Developed in association with a Volvo Ocean Race team, the Crosshaven came out top of the crop on test and performs excellently in all weather.

Gore-Tex lining keeps the inside of the boot waterproof and fairly free from sweat and condensation while the upper section of the boot is protected with a mixture of leather and Cordura, an uber-tough, canvas-like fabric.

The boots have a good non-slip sole and also feature a reinforced toe and heel, which adds extra support and protection and two reflective strips run around the shaft of the boot.  

Inside there’s lots of thermal insulation and the really good-sized gaitor has an adjustable draw-cord collar that secures foul weather gear and prevents wash back. The gaitor section gets double thumbs up thanks to its drainage mesh at the bottom of the leg.

But why did these boots kick the others to the curb to make it on to the MBY Cool 50? Traditionally the weak spot on sailing boots is the seams – lateral wear and tear causing them to fail. The Crosshaven sports minimal seams and by reducing the potential weak spots Dubarry has produced a tougher, stronger and more hardwearing boot.  

You could spend your life (and a lot of cash) replacing your boots every season or invest in a tough pair that will last for years and not let you down. We know where our money would go.  

And not that we like to admit that looks matter, but the Crosshavens do look the part on shore as well as on deck.


Price: £349

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GoPro HERO6 Black

The GoPro is so good that it’s almost become its own verb. This tiny action cam is waterproof, rugged and seriously powerful and has become the kingpin when it comes to on-the-go filming.

The new GoPro Hero6 swoops into a market peppered with cheaper action cams and into an industry where many smartphones are not only waterproof but can take pretty decent footage, so it’s clear the new Hero6 needs to bring something special to the table. And it doesn’t disappoint.

The video power has been beefed up and quality is superb – the Hero6 records 4K video at 60 frames per second and enables super, super slow-mo video, snapping 240 frames per second. It has dramatically improved dynamic range, low-light performance and added digital zoom.

The Hero6 also now responds to voice commands and allows you to start filming handsfree. Voice controls can start and stop recording, snap a photo while filming and one mode enables you to turn the camera on when it’s off – this works for up to eight hours after turn off and is pretty nifty when you’re underway.

Photo cred has also gone up a notch with an HDR mode that combines multiple photos. Users can also select up to a 10-second exposure for night shots and there is also a night-lapse mode.

Like the Hero5, there is an LCD screen at the front and a 1.5in colour touchscreen at the rear.

Waterproof without a housing down to 33ft (10m), it’s certainly got its sea legs and on test it proved fantastic for everything from wakeboarding and whizzing around on jet skis to underwater shots and filming underway.

The adventure world moves fast and now drones are fast becoming a must-have. Keen to keep at the forefront of the explorer community, GoPro has also launched its Karma drone, which is compatible with the Hero6, Hero5 and Hero4 and retails at £869.99 (without camera) and  £1,299.99 with Hero6.

No fuss and whole lot of function – this is an easy pick for the MBY Cool 50. It’s hard to think of a more portable, powerful and durable action cam. Chuck it in your pocket and go!


Price: £499.99

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F-RIB Stowable RIB

Put simply, a tremendous little RIB that takes around five minutes to unfold and inflate.

Historically, small, inflatable, stowable rubber tenders have promised the world but fallen short of the mark, their limitations becoming clear when you set out in anything but flat calm conditions. If you have a significant distance to cover or a few bodies to transport, the job often proves too much and you can end up with a very unsatisfactory and watery end.

The F-RIB certainly bucks the trend for under delivering. Blowing the competition out of the water and cementing its place on the MBY Cool 50, the tender is quick to set up, uses a 240V pump to inflate and is super tough.

Designed by the Russian special forces (that explains the toughness), the F-RIB is brilliant in its simplicity. Assembly proved easy on test: the tender’s solid fibreglass bottom is divided into three sections, which are bonded to the inflatable tubes. Users unfold them, making sure the tongues fit into the grooves in each piece and inflate the tubes. A couple of bolts secure the floor in place.

We put the F-RIB through its paces with Bruce Jacobs who runs Rubicon 3 and skippers adventures sailing expeditions all around the world. The foldable tender proved effective in even the harshest environments of Greenland and Iceland.

“If anything [the F-RIB] under promises, and for ocean cruisers this should be on your ‘find a way to get this’ list,” explains Bruce.

Folding down to a small, easy to handle size, the F-RIB is easily stowed away on board and comes in various sizes from 2.75m to 4.6m.

With very few parts to worry about, this innovative design provides a hassle-free, easily transportable solution for small motor boat and sailing boat owners where deck and stowage space is at a premium.


Price: from £2,195

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FLIR Ocean Scout TK

One of the lightest and most affordable thermal cameras to date. This ultra compact thermal imager tips the scales at 170g and can extend your vision afloat during day or night passages.

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

It creates images of heat to pick out obstacles, boats, buoys and people in the water, boasts a 640×480 colour display and is small enough to keep in your pocket.

In an emergency, a thermal imaging camera can greatly speed up a rescue but for most recreational boaters, thermal imagers have proved prohibitively expensive. The Ocean Scout’s relatively affordable price point combined with its high-quality performance and reliability ensured this mini unit was firmly in the MBY Cool 50’s sights.

Perhaps its most obvious use will be in emergencies. The Ocean Scout will detect the body heat of anyone in the water and could prove a life-saving piece of kit during a man overboard emergency. Day-to- day, it  can also be used to identify issues in unknown cruising grounds and detect vessels, watercraft, buoys, channel markers, obstacles and jetties.

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

The Ocean Scout’s microbolometer (the heat sensor) is a relatively low 160×120 (hence the affordable price tag) but the image is digitally enhanced to produce a crisper result than you’d normally expect from this specification. On test it was easy to pick out rocks, buoys, boats and people in the water at ranges up to 120m.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for five hours’ operation and the unit can store up to 1,000 thermal snapshots and record thermal video. As a thermal imager, the Ocean Scout TK creates images based on heat, not visible light so it gives increased visibility in all light conditions – from pitch black to glaring sunshine. The kit comes with a USB cable and wrist strap as standard.


Price: £495

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Gladius Submersible Drone

If you thought drone aerial footage was cool wait till you see the shots you can get as this underwater drone zips through the water.

The MBY Cool 50 is all about those gadgets that make you sit back and say ‘I need that in my life’, and the Gladius certainly fits the bill.

It can dive to 50m and captures Ultra HD (4K) video and 8 megapixel photos – awesome for scuba divers, underwater photographers and those with a passion for marine life. The adjustable dimming LED lights on either side of the camera can illuminate the path of the drone and objects underwater.

The two in-built batteries mean the camera can stay submerged and running for up to around 3.5 hours on one charge. It’s a tough little piece of kit and the built-in camera means you don’t have to fiddle and adjust a GoPro into the casing as with other submersible options on the market.  

For those keen on filming, documenting their travels and capturing the underwater world, the Gladius offers unrivalled ways to explore and film underwater. For motorboaters in unknown waters it also offers the ability to scope out anchorages, view the anchor or film the underside your boat or props without ever having to jump in the drink.

Despite pushing the boundaries of drone photography and footage, the Gladius is pretty simple and intuitive to use. The game-like controls mean users can capture great photos and footage at the push of a button from above the waterline via the app on their smartphone.

The internal cabin of Gladius is sealed and uses aluminum alloy materials with oxidation treatment to ensure the drone is waterproof and corrosion resistant at depth of 50 meters. Roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper and weighing 3kg, it’s a portable gadget that will revolutionise your holiday snaps!


Price: around £1,200

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DJI Mavic Pro Drone

When a piece of kit survives boat test after boat test and happens to produce some of the best video content on the ybw.com website, you can bet it will fly high on the MBY Cool 50.

DJI Mavic Pro

This drone not only folds down for easy transportation – incidentally, that foldability does a great job of protecting the propellers – but it’s light, produces high quality footage and is user friendly.

On test, 4K video is steady and good quality and the drone is designed to take just about anywhere. The compact body houses the 4K camera, a 12MP camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal and a nav system. It boasts a 4.3 mile (7 km) range and around 20-minutes of flight time per charge.

DJI Mavic Pro Remote

There’s no need for users to spend time attaching props before flight as they simply fold out so you’ll be ready film in minutes.

At last, we hear you cry, here is a drone that isn’t so expensive or technical that it puts everyday users off. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to launch the Mavic Pro and set up and operation is easy to follow.

DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro weighs 743g and, when folded down and measures only 83x83x198mm. Sleek, cool and loads of fun, it has all the usual drone operational features, such as obstacle avoidance and homing return where it returns to its launch location if it goes out of range.

Easy to fly and launch from a boat and sporting a good quality gimbal-mounted 4k video camera, this drone is our camera of choice for MBY boat test videos. It critically has the portability most boat owners, outdoor enthusiasts and travellers are looking for and will pack away easily into most backpacks.


Price: £1,099

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Zhik Avlare Top

When a product blows the minds of the judging panel at the METS DAME awards everyone sits up and takes notice. Aussie company Zhik won the clothing category with its hydrophobic Avlare – an innovative fabric Zhik claims ‘hates water’.

Zhik Avlare

Water, in fact, beads right off the high-stretch woven water-repellent fabric. The Avlare tops are light, breathable, super stretchy and comfortable and as the fabric fibres don’t absorb water the highly breathable top minimises wind chill and is also a quarter of the weight of Spandex. Little wonder then that it became the go-to training top for many athletes in the lead up to the last Olympic Games.

The Avlare range comes in long sleeve and short sleeve versions and for those who may get caught out in a blow or boaters who persevere through the winter season in the UK, the garments will be a godsend.

The MBY Cool 50 is all about innovation and Zhik’s hydrophobic apparel is revolutionising breathability not just for sailors but for all watersports lovers. Tested by sailors, paddleboarders and kayakers, the Avlare top feels like a second skin, is lightweight and offers UPF 50+ protection. In fact, the Avlare team of professional sailors and skippers means this gear has been thoroughly put through its paces.

Wash with fresh water – regular laundry detergents should be avoided as they can damage the water repellent function. Where excessive rubbing or wear is placed on the garment, users may experience some reduction in performance. This can be countered by reactivating the water repellency by applying heat to the garment using an iron or tumble drier – pretty clever, huh.

Keep toasty on board even in the depths of winter – we can’t wait for them to make some Avlare pants to match!


Price: $275 AUD

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Blackfire Clamplight Waterproof Torch

Still one of the best-value waterproof torches we’ve come across, Blackfire’s Clamplight fixes onto just about anything, provides illumination right where you need it and leaves both your hands free to get on with whatever job you’re doing.

Clamplight Waterproof

The built-in clamp and swivel head means it can be attached to grab rails, engine hoses, pipes or it can also be used like a regular torch or stand on its own.

The reflector head tilts 90* and rotates 180*, making it easy to aim and the unit is waterproof (IPX7), drop-proof to 20ft and floats when dropped in water. All told, it’s certainly ready for life aboard a boat.

Blackfire claims the powerful LED bulbs have 100,000 hours bulb life and though we have some time before we can prove that right or wrong on test the LEDs were powerful and efficient, providing up to 190 lumens in high mode and 75 lumens in low mode.

Battery life is around 10 hours on low-power mode and 1.45 hours on high. The Clamplight takes three standard AAA batteries.

The torch will fit easily inside a jacket pocket and the rubberised exterior provides welcome grip and durability. The clamp converts to a stand light by pressing and sliding the lock feature – non-slip feet swivel down for stability. Stainless steel springs and pins continue the high build quality.

This versatile innovation is simple but works – the kind of kit designed to go on the MBY Cool 50. Its remarkably reasonable price tag is to be applauded and the Clamplight will no doubt come into its own in dimly lit engine bays or when owners are tinkering or fishing on board.

The ability to angle the light pretty much exactly where you need it and have the torch clamped and out of the way of the work being done is a great asset. You can even clamp it to your hat! Keep it in your tool kit, tackle box, in your glove compartment or sling it in your grab bag.


Price: £22

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Kudos Secret Electric Bike

Proving you don’t have to drain your bank account (your boat will do that for you!) to own a quality electric bike, the Kudos Secret is cleverly designed, nippy and surprisingly affordable.

Kudos Secret Electric Bike

Riding high on the MBY Cool 50, this is a great all-rounder which propels riders to a 15.5mph top speed. It folds down quickly, stands on its own without toppling over and its 19kg weight shouldn’t over-burden your lazarette.

Riders will feel confident under pedal and electric power thanks to the Secret’s 20in wheels, Kenda tyres, front and rear V-brakes and six-speed Shimano gears.

The Secret’s 36V 8Ah LiMn04 battery is hidden inside the aluminium frame and there is lots of acceleration on tap. An LED unit on the handlebar displays three assist levels and the battery life. Charge time is around four to six hours and it boasts a solid range of 27-30 miles.

Kudos Secret Electric Bike

Make jaunts round the marina a doddle with this zippy, safe and solid bike. On test, the MBY team felt this was the bike that they would buy for themselves – a product that offered good styling and performance and many of the features found on e-bikes costing treble the price.

You can use the throttle to set off and start pedalling until the power feeds in automatically at the level you set on your handlebar display. The brake levers are super-efficient and responsive, cutting the motor when you need to slow down.

If you don’t have the cash for the supremely engineered but much more expensive GoCycle (another MBY Cool 50 winner) the Kudos Secret shares the e-bike crown and is a superb choice for those hitting the pontoons under pedal power.


Price: £765

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Scanstrut Rokk Mini

True peace of mind is invaluable and no more so than when you’re leaving your expensive camera equipment out and exposed to a good battering by the elements.

Scanstrut Rokk Mini

This super-solid camera mount ensures your waterproof camera isn’t going anywhere near the drink and will help capture aweesome action shots.

What really impressed us was the quality of build apparent throughout the range – Scanstrut has produced mounts for everything from tablets and smartphones to action cameras and fishfinders in the Rokk range.

Hardy, robust and solidly engineered – this is exactly the quality you want to see from a mount that will be holding hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of your kit in place.

The Rokk mounts range from suction cups to self-adhesive bases and rail clamps, which you can mix and match with GoPro plates, tablet clamps and bespoke Raymarine Dragonfly mounts.

MBY tested the Rokk Mini suction base with adjustable body and GoPro plate. It stuck to the dash like a limpet (you can place it on any smooth, flat surface) and proved rock solid throughout our tests.

Scanstrut Rokk Mini

A quick-release clip locks to the adjustable arm which, thanks to a ball and socket joint at either end, allows you to set the precise angle you’re looking for with a single twist clamp.

Once in place we used it on boat tests and even in the stiffest seas it didn’t budge an inch.

GoPro users will love this kit – giving a hands-free, safe and secure way of capturing your fun out on the water.

The Rokk Mini gets prime position on the MBY Cool 50 thanks to its versatility and reliability – there’s a mount to suit just about whatever you need to fix in place and the adjustable arm ensures great flexibility in shot selection and viewpoint.


Price: £60 (suction cup, body and GoPro mount)

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