Evel is alive

HD Street Rod 750 by FMW
in co-operation with Harley Davidson Rout76 di Jesi

Fugar Metal Worker – Ancona

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Titano R1200R

BMW R1200R Custom Scrambler by EEM… The "Titan"

When, roughly seven years ago I first met the Emporio team at the very beginning of their project, they used to work in a small shop, open overnight only, which hosted a group of enthusiasts who started to customize bikes with the only help of a lot of fantasy, very little money and just the foundamentals of mechanics. I was comfident they would have reached the success, but honestly I didn’t expect that eventually they would have rebuilt BMW bike frames, converted telelevers into traditional inverted forks and/or accomodated a 180 wheel at the front end of a R1200 (to say few of the details of this awesome bike)… Chapeau.

Quando, circa sette anni fa, conobbi i ragazzi di Emporio agli inizi del loro progetto, lavoravano in un piccolo negozio, aperto solo di notte, che ospitava un gruppo di entusiasti che iniziavano a costruire moto artigianali con l’unico aiuto della loro fantasia, pochi soldi e elementi base di meccanica. Ero certo che avrebbero avuto successo, ma onestamente non mi aspettavo che un giorno avrebbero ricostruito da zero telai BMW, convertito telelever in  forcelle invertite o sistemato una ruota da 180 all’avantreno di una R1200… E ciò, solo per elencare alcune delle caratteristiche di questa notevole realizzazione… Chapeau. 

Main specs: Custom frame and front-end, removed airbox, K&N filters, custom exhausts, re-engineered electrics, spoke wheels wearing twin 180 tyres, modified Kawasaki GPZ tank, hand made seat and upholstery.
EEM – Emporio Elaborazioni Meccaniche – Roma

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Introducing Darel Carey

An Inazuma sketch posted on a Darel Carey’s artwork…

Darel Carey is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, California.Graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, his art focuses on visual and spacial perception. His work includes abstract line drawings and tape installations. He uses lines to shape and bend the perceived dimensions of a surface or a space. Line sequences in varied configurations create an illusion of dimension or, as he says, a "Dimensionalization". Two dimensions can be perceived as three, and vice versa. Lines moving from the floor to the wall to the ceiling can appear to occupy space in mid-air from various vantage points, transforming the perceived landscape of an area.

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